Lincoln Palomeque

Born on March 20, 1977, in Cúcuta, Colombia, Lincoln Palomeque is an actor known for his television work. His parents, Olga Sandoval and Lincoln Palomeque, raised him alongside his sibling Juan Pablo Palomeque.

In 1996, the charming guy made his television debut as Javier, a recurring character, in the popular daytime series called Padres e hijos. He portrayed Javier for four years before bidding farewell to the show in 2000.

Who Is Lincoln Palomeque Dating Right Now?

Love has taken a detour for Lincoln and his long time girlfriend turned into wife Carolina Cruz, as they recently made it official that their relationship has reached its end. The rumors had been buzzing around for quite some time, but it wasn’t until the love mates finally spilled the beans. See another celebrity actor Doug Rao.

Where, the love companions’ love story began back in 2008 and blossomed into two beautiful sons, Matías and Salvador. However, there is no exact details regarding their wedding ceremony.

Lincoln Palomeque was in romantic relationship with Carolina Cruz.

Sadly, the speculation surrounding the celebrity duo’s split created such a commotion that it even invaded their personal circles. Things got so intense that during an Instagram live broadcast on June 28, Carolina’s close friend Yaneth Waldman couldn’t help but dive into the topic. They decided it was time to set the record straight and shed light on why the actor had been absent from the former beauty queen’s life.

In addition, the holiday season added fuel to the fire when keen-eyed fans noticed that the Christmas photos shared on their Instagram profiles featured them alone or with their children. This triggered the gossip mill once again, with whispers of a breakup floating around.

Journalist Graciela Torres even predicted that the announcement of their separation was imminent, and her prophecy eventually came true when both parents simultaneously posted about it.

Now, with the Palomeque and his ex-wife’s split confirmed, both made it clear that they won’t be discussing the matter any further. They politely requested their followers to tread lightly on the subject “out of respect for our children.” As for Lincoln’s romantic status, well, it remains a mystery. The dating scene is anyone’s guess at this point.

Rising Star: Lincoln Palomeque’s Journey in the Colombian Film Industry

Get ready to meet the Colombian sensation, Lincoln ! The media star had a knack for the spotlight from an early age. After dipping his toes in the world of Business Administration, he couldn’t resist the pull of his true passion—acting. So, he packed his bags and headed to the prestigious Casa del Teatro Nacional to hone his craft. Also, see Yelba Osorio.

Moreover, the mixed descent origin burst onto the scene in 1998 with his debut on the TV series “Padres e hijos.” Since then, he’s been unstoppable, lighting up screens in over 20 productions. From the thrilling “Isabel Watched Her Over Me” to the hilarious “The Beautiful Ceci and the Reckless,” he’s proven his versatility time and time again. You might have also seen him in hit shows like “La Reina del Sur,” “Santa Diabla,” and “Señora Acero.”

Lincoln Palomeque is a versatile actor. Source: Instagram@lincpal

But that’s not all! the big name recently added another feather to his cap by joining the star-studded cast of the Netflix series “False Profile.” In this gripping drama, he plays David, a taxi driver who lends a helping hand to the main character on her quest for sweet revenge.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of his acting career, the leading actor also dabbles in the world of nightlife as a public relations manager for several happening nightclubs. Talk about multitasking!

Lincoln Palomeque’s Astonishing Net Worth

When it comes to his bank account, The Mafia Dolls star is sitting pretty with an estimated net worth of a whopping $3 million as of June 2021. And boy, does he know how to enjoy the fruits of his labor! Follow him on Instagram, and you’ll be treated to glimpses of his luxurious lifestyle. From jet-setting to exotic locations to indulging in the finer things in life, Lincoln knows how to live it up.

Luxury seems to be his middle name. He owns a sleek and extravagant car that matches his style perfectly. And let’s not forget about his stunning home, where he can relax and unwind in true celebrity fashion.

Exploring Lincoln Palomeque’s Social Media Presence

Get ready for an exciting peek into the captivating life of 5 feet 10 inches actor, the charming Colombian actor and presenter who has taken social media by storm! With a staggering 4.3 million followers on Instagram with username @lincpal, the TV personage has become a true celebrity on the platform, attracting a huge fanbase eager to be part of his virtual entourage. Hold on tight as we embark on an emotional rollercoaster ride through his captivating posts!

Lincoln Palomeque with his kids. Source: Instagram@lincpal

The comments section of Palomeque’s posts is buzzing with activity. Inquisitive fans eagerly inquire about his kids, and shower him with admiration for his exceptional parenting skills.

And let’s not forget the big question—his relationship with Cruz. Since confirming their separation, Palomeque’s updates and videos, such as one where he’s seen picking up little Matías, have sparked an outpouring of support from his dedicated followers.

But the renowned name isn’t just about family matters and personal updates. He’s got work to do! With not one, but two television series under his belt, this multitasking maestro shares exciting snippets about his projects with his enthusiastic fans. Their comments overflow with awe, admiration, and heaps of good wishes for this talented star.

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