Introducing Liv Cowherd, a name that might not ring a bell, but her story is one you’ll want to hear. She is best known as Colin Cowherd‘s daughter. Growing up with a dad in the limelight, Liv’s life is a rollercoaster of unique experiences, the good and the quirky.

From the inside scoop on family gatherings to her own adventures, she’s become an accidental star in her own right. In this article, we’re going to pull back the curtain on Liv Cowherd and give you a peek into her world, complete with all the ups, downs, and moments that made her go, “Did that really just happen?”

So, grab your virtual backstage pass, and let’s get to know Liv and her extraordinary journey up close and personal.

How Old Is Liv Cowherd? Age, Early Life, College

The celebrity daughter was born as Olivia “Liv” Cowherd on September 12, 2000. Likewise, she’s following in the footsteps of her mother, Kimberly Ann Vadala. She has carved her own path as an Instagram model.

Liv Cowherd’s educational journey took her through Bishop Gorman High School, where she graduated in 2018. Following her high school years, she pursued higher education at Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University.

Similarly, during her time at Arizona State University, Liv majored in business administration, management, marketing, and related support services.

Relationship Status: Is She Dating?

Liv Cowherd, daughter of renowned sports media personality Colin Cowherd, is presently unattached, dedicating herself to her burgeoning career. Though she has had past experiences in romantic relationships, she chooses to keep her private life, well, private.

Liv Cowherd is single and not dating anyone as of now.
Liv Cowherd is single and not dating anyone as of now. Source: Instagram/@liv_cowherd

Unlike some who lay bare every detail of their personal lives on social media, Liv takes a more reserved approach.

This decision affords Liv the focus needed for her professional pursuits, sparing her from undue distractions. By keeping her personal life tucked away from the public eye, she establishes a clear boundary, maintaining equilibrium between her public and private realms.

Clearly, she values her privacy and opts to let her achievements speak on her behalf, preserving an air of mystery that keeps her fans eager for more insights into the talented Liv.

She Previously Dated Trey Lance

Liv Cowherd’s previous relationship with footballer Trey Lance made headlines, particularly when he was drafted into the NFL. Liv expressed her support and excitement for Trey Lance’s achievements via Instagram, tagging him in her stories, as reported by Sideaction.

Notably, her father Colin’s commentary about him seemed to evolve from when they were dating to the present.

Despite the public attention, the specifics of why Liv and Trey Lance parted ways remain shrouded in mystery, as Liv values her privacy. Relationships can naturally change over time, and her choice to keep this matter discreet reflects her respect for Lance and their shared history.

While it’s natural for fans to be curious about the details, it’s essential to honor Liv’s boundaries and allow her to concentrate on her career and personal growth in the days ahead.

Live Has One Brother

Liv Cowherd has a younger brother, though his name remains undisclosed. Likewise, he prefers to keep a low profile. The Cowherd family values their privacy, and even his name is not publicly known.

However, it is revealed that Colin Cowherd’s son has an affinity for dogs, as evidenced in a post shared by Liv, in which her brother is seen holding their cat.

Despite their privacy, the Cowherd siblings share a close bond and engage in various enjoyable activities together, whether it’s a trip to the beach or a fun vacation. Family is important to them, and they cherish these moments together.

Her Parents Colin Cowherd and Kimberly Ann Vadala Are Not Together

Liv’s parents, Colin Cowherd and Kimberly Ann Vadala ended their marriage after being married on March 30, 1996. Their separation occurred in 2007. It was primarily attributed to the demands of their respective schedules and growing focus on their individual careers.

Colin Cowherd with his only daughter Liv Cowherd.
Colin Cowherd with his only daughter Liv Cowherd. Source: Twitter/@liv_cowherd

Both Colin and Kimberly became deeply immersed in their work. Likewise, this made it challenging to balance their professional commitments with their relationship. The pressures and demands of their careers ultimately took a toll on their marriage.

Despite their separation, both Colin and Kimberly have remained dedicated to their roles as parents to Liv, ensuring her well-being and providing support. While the specific details of their separation may remain private, Liv maintains a positive relationship with both of her parents.

Moreover, they continue to play important roles in her life. Her father has a new wife. He is now married to Ann Cowherd.

Who Is Liv’s Mother?

Liv Cowherd’s mother, Kimberly Ann Vadala, is Colin Cowherd’s first wife. She has built a successful career as a fitness instructor. She is passionate about both yoga and spin classes.

Likewise, Kimberly is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Kimberly serves as a yoga instructor at NW Woman Fitness. There she leads individuals through calming and energizing yoga sessions. She is also a group fitness instructor at Flow Lab. There she motivates and challenges participants with dynamic and engaging workouts.

Additionally, Kimberly contributes her skills to the Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino.

Career: What Does She Do For a Living?

Liv’s career journey reflects her deep involvement in the realm of environment and sustainability. She spent four months as an administrative assistant at South Bay Green, where she likely acquired valuable insights into the operational aspects of sustainable initiatives.

Prior to that, Liv interned as a metrics analyst at Green Our Planet for three months before transitioning to a full-time role as a project marketing coordinator. These positions allowed her to play an active role in promoting and executing sustainable projects.

Liv Cowherd at her college graduation.
Liv Cowherd at her college graduation. Source: Instagram/@liv_cowherd

During her college years, Liv also diversified her skill set as a sales and marketing specialist at LeadAbroad, a role that honed her abilities in promoting and selling products and services. Furthermore, from May to July 2021, she delved into the real estate industry as a transaction coordinator intern at Rothwell Gornt Companies.

Liv’s diverse work experiences underscore her commitment to the environment. Her willingness to explore different industries, make a meaningful impact and expand her expertise along the way.

Net Worth

Liv Cowherd, while not as widely known as her father Colin Cowherd, has indeed made a name for herself. Her estimated net worth is around $50,000. She works in the field of sustainability and global communities.

Additionally, her presence on social media has allowed her to monetize her platform, contributing to her net worth.

Colin Cowherd, her father, is a well-known sports media personality. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is $25 million. His salary is $6 million.

Cowherd has earned his income through a successful career that has included work with prominent media outlets such as ESPN and Fox Sports. There he has hosted popular shows like “The Herd with Colin Cowherd.” Also, know the net worth of another Fox Sports journalist Joy Taylor.

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