Richard Laughlin Munro is a Canadian actor. He is famous for his roles in films such as “Scary Movie,” “White Chicks,” and “Freddy vs. Jason.” In addition to these films, he is well-known for his parts in TV shows such as “Northwood,” “Charmed,” and “Riverdale.”

Lochyln Munro Is In Happy Marital Relation

When it comes to his personal life, Lochlyn Munro is quite private. He is, however, a married guy. Richard married Sharon Munro in 1997. Sharon is a social media influencer.

Sharon and their daughter
Sharon and their daughter
Image: Instagram

White chick actor has two children with his wife. They also have a strong knowledge of one another and recognize the value of a stable. In contrast, the relationship is free of scandal and controversy.

Net Worth Of Lochlyn Munro

According to multiple credible sources, he has a net worth of around $2 million. Sharon’s husband has amassed via participating in over 100 movies and TV episodes. According to a salary expert, the average actor film gross salary in Canada is $99,083

Riverdale actor with the horse
Riverdale actor with the horse
Image: Instagram

Moreover, the movie White Chicks movie which he also played a role in, grossed around $113.1 million. His pay is unknown because it is determined by his performances each year. However, he was paid $400,000 for his role in “White Chicks.”

Movies And TV Shows Of Lochlyn Munro

In 1990, Lochlyn Munro made his cinematic debut. He starred in two films in 1990. Munro portrayed Mitch in Sylvan Lake Summer” and a bartender in Cadence. The next year, he appeared in the film Run.

Munro has been in two Moment of Truth films: Stand Against Fear. Riverdale actor plays a high-school jock who exploits his popularity for all the wrong reasons, and Abduction of Innocence, in which he plays the boyfriend-turned-kidnapper of a young timber heiress.

Two Canadian actors Nina and Munro
Two Canadian actors Nina and Munro
Image: Instagram

In “Pride Before the Fall,” the 100th episode of Andromeda, he played Peter Museveni, the time-traveling father of a genetically-enhanced Nietzschean race. Also, know about Nina Dobrev‘s brother Alexander Dobrev.

Furthermore, Greg Phillippe from Scary Movie starred as Mark in Digger, John LaPointe in Needful Things, and Jon in Anything for Love in 1993. He played Billy in Wagons East” in 1994 and Sebastian in Trancers 4: Jack of Swords in 1995.

Richard has acted in films such as Ski Hard, A Murder of Crows, Screwed, “Dracula 2000,” and “Scary Movie” between 1995 and 2000.

Short Biography Of Lochlyn Munro

Lochlyn Munro’s birth name is Richard Laughlin Munro. He was born in Lac La Hache, British Columbia, Canada. Lochlyn was born on February 12, 1996. He was raised in a middle-class household.

Richard Munro
Richard Munro Image: Facebook
Sharon Munro Husband

This handsome Canadian actor aspired to be a professional hockey player as a youngster. He aspired to play in the NHL. Unfortunately, at the age of 18, an injury forced him to retire from hockey. He became more passionate about acting after his injuries, and he also enjoyed the music. He relocated to Los Angeles in the late 1980s.

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