In the ever-evolving landscape of Hollywood, young talents emerge like shooting stars, captivating audiences with their raw charisma and undeniable skill. Among this constellation of rising stars stands Luke Prael, an actor whose talent and versatility have garnered widespread acclaim.

Best known for his memorable performance in the critically acclaimed film “Eighth Grade” and his intriguing roles in various television and short film projects, Prael’s journey in the entertainment world is marked by his ability to breathe life into diverse characters.

Join us as we delve into the world of Luke Prael, a promising star on the ascent, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

How Old Is Luke Prael? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Luke Prael, born on November 26, 2002, in the United States, is a 21-year-old actor known for his role in “Cheaper By the Dozen.” As a Sagittarius, his birth sign reflects traits of adventurousness and optimism.

Luke Prael with his mother.
Luke Prael with his mother. Source: Instagram

While his career has thrust him into the public eye, Luke has maintained a tight veil of privacy around his personal life. He is the youngest child of Liz Prael and William Prael. His father, William, is an actor known for his works in movies like Dracula and The Collector. Besides these, limited information is available about his family, including his sister, Katie, and his educational background.

Prael’s dedication to his craft and preference for a low-profile personal life contribute to the intrigue surrounding this talented young actor, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for him.

Relationship- Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Luke Prael doesn’t have a girlfriend. His dedication to his acting career shines through as he remains focused on his craft. While he currently doesn’t have a girlfriend and has managed to avoid relationship rumors, it’s clear that his primary focus is on nurturing his rising star in the entertainment industry.

As a young and talented actor, there’s no doubt that his personal life will continue to evolve naturally. For now, Luke’s fans eagerly anticipate his future projects and the success that undoubtedly lies ahead for this promising talent.

Movies and TV Shows of Luke Prael

Luke Prael, the young and rising star of Hollywood, has been steadily building an impressive acting portfolio that reflects his versatility and dedication to the craft. As of 2023, this talented actor has left his mark on various film projects. Similarly, read to know about Michael Miccoli another childhood actor.

Luke Prael at the premiere of "Cheaper by the Dozen".
Luke Prael at the premiere of “Cheaper by the Dozen”. Source: Instagram/@lukeprael

In the short film “The Self Tape” (2023), Luke showcases his skills in a compelling role, adding another layer to his growing body of work. However, it was in “Cheaper by the Dozen” (2022) that he truly caught the audience’s attention as Seth, sharing the screen with acclaimed actors like Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff.

Prael’s journey in acting started earlier with “Boarding School” (2018), where he portrayed Jacob Felsen. It was in “Eighth Grade” (2018), playing Aiden, that he earned critical acclaim. Even in earlier works like “Boy in a Backpack” (2016), he demonstrated his talent in short films.

While Luke’s personal life remains private, his commitment to his craft is undeniable. Likewise, as he continues to grow in stature as an actor, his fans eagerly await what exciting roles and performances the future holds for this remarkable young talent.

Net Worth

When it comes to Luke Prael’s financial status, the young actor has maintained a level of privacy about his net worth. Although he hasn’t publicly disclosed his financial details, sources have estimated that, as of now, the 21-year-old possesses a net worth of approximately $300,000.

While this figure is not officially confirmed, it provides a glimpse into the burgeoning success of this talented actor as he continues to make his mark in the entertainment industry. Also, know about another actor Alec Utgoff‘s net worth.


Luke Prael’s Instagram presence is a window into his life beyond the screen. With the handle @lukeprael, he connects with his audience, boasting over 30.4K followers. On his Instagram account, he frequently shares updates about his latest projects, giving fans a sneak peek into his journey in the entertainment industry.

Luke Prael.
Luke Prael. Source: Instagram/@lukeprael

Additionally, Luke provides glimpses into his daily lifestyle, offering a more personal connection with his followers. For those eager to stay updated on Luke Prael’s career and interests, his Instagram account serves as an engaging platform to follow his adventures in and outside of the world of acting.

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