Magi Sadeq is the wife of the professional footballer Mohamed Salah, known as the Egyptian Messi. Mohamed Salah has become a prominent player in the Liverpool team recently.

Coming to their love life, they attended the same school and started liking each other. This is how their love story began and grew over the years. Moreover, their love is the perfect one, and they are the closest companion for one.

The Married Life of Mohamed Salah and Magi Salah

Romantic love develops between Mohamed and Magi during adolescence. They had a passionate feeling of attraction when they were teens.

Also, they attended the same school in the village of Basyoun. Eventually, they married on December 17, 2013, in Nagrig, Egypt. The couple is living happily ever after. You may also read about other celebrity wives, such as Colleen Rowland and Brittney McNorton.

Magi Sadeq is the wife of the professional footballer Mohamed Salah
Magi Sadeq is the wife of the professional footballer Mohamed Salah.
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The couple had a traditional wedding ceremony in Nagrig, Egypt. The whole village of Nagrig was invited to attend the wedding.

Also, Egyptian singers Albasit Hamouda and Sa’ad Al Sughayar gave a live performance at their wedding. Moreover, their wedding means being special, meaningful, and memorable.

Magi looked adorable in her white wedding dress. The people of Nagrig blessed the couple, and according to Nagrig’s traditional customs, they gifted them practical gifts that would help them set up their life after marriage.

After marriage, Magi and Salah moved to Merseyside, a metropolitan county in North West England. The husband and wife shared two daughters.

Her first child Makka was born in 2014 at ‘Westminster Hospital,‘ London. Makka was named after the Muslim holy city of Mecca. Moreover, her other child is Kayan.

The couple often shares pictures of their adorable daughters on their Instagram accounts. This family often plans for a special outing to entertain their kids and detox in nature. Moreover, the couple had lots of fun with their daughters over the years.

So How Rich Is Magi Sadeq?

Magi Sadeq is a Biotechnologist by profession. She completed her degree in biotechnology from Alexandria University. The information is still under the radar regarding her salary and net worth. Moreover, she enjoys a lavish life with the net worth of her Millionaire husband, Mohamed Salah.

Mohamed Salah with her daughter
Mohamed Salah with her daughter.
Photo Source: Instagram

On the other hand, the estimated net worth of Mohamed Salah is around $90 million, according to celebrity net worth. He has gathered a considerable amount of money from his successful football career.

 In 2018, Mohamed signed a 5-year deal with Liverpool that pays $15 million per year. Considering bonuses and incentives, that figure increased to $24 million per year due to his incredible performances.

Moreover, Salah is the highest-paid footballer on the Liverpool roster. In addition, Salah earns $24 million per year and 10 million to 13 million per year from salary and endorsement deals, as per Forbes 2020 report, way more than Jamaica professional footballer Raheem Sterling.

Also, he is one of the 100 highest-paid celebrities in the world and one of the 30 highest-paid athletes.

More Information About Magi Sadeq

The better half of Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah was born and raised in Nagrig, Egypt. It is the same place where her famous husband was also conducted.

Sadeq and Mohamed had an awesome childhood together. They spent time together and celebrated every special occasion with so much fun and joy.

Mohamed Salah having fun with their daughters
Mohamed Salah is having fun with their daughters.
Photo Source: Instagram

Magi Sadeq is a shy and private person. She is known for keeping a low profile in the media. Further, she has been a supporting wife for Salah’s entire career. Magi is a sincere wife who has devoted her life to her husband and children. Also, she is a genuine Islam follower and wears the Hijab.

Magi has a twin sister whose name is Mohab. She also has two other sisters, Mahy and Miram. Regarding her parents, they both were teachers at Mohamed Eyad Al-Tantawi School.

But their names are not disclosed yet. In addition, an Instagram account with the username @the_egyptianqueenprincess_ is available as Magi Sadeq having over 17.1k followers as of 2022, but whether it’s official or not is confirmed yet.

More About Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah, aka Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly, was born on 15 June in Nagrig, Basyoun, Egypt. Mohamed.

He was born and raised in a Muslim family alongside his brother, Nasr. At 7, Salah started to become serious about football and grew up watching Champions League games on television.

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