Step into the exhilarating world of rock climbing with Magnus Midtbo, a Norwegian dynamo who’s making his mark in the climbing universe. Hailing from Norway, Magnus has perfected his climbing craft with an enviable mix of power and precision, scaling both indoor and outdoor heights.

But Mitbo is not just a climbing maestro; he’s also your climbing buddy on YouTube. Join him on his channel as he shares insider tips and personal training insights, and takes you along on pulse-pounding climbing escapades.

Magnus Midtbo’s journey isn’t just about conquering cliffs; it’s a story of defying gravity, reaching for the stars, and sparking inspiration among climbers around the globe. Dive into his extraordinary climbing adventures and uncover the man behind the ascents in our captivating exploration of Magnus Midtbo’s thrilling climbing career.

How Old Is Magnus Midtbo? Age, Sister, Wiki, Early Life

Magnus Rognan Midtbo is the full name of the Norwegian climbing sensation. Born in Bergen, Norway, on 18 September 1988, Magnus has left an indelible mark on the climbing world. His competitive climbing career, which was full of impressive achievements, came to a close in 2017.

Notably, he’s not the only climbing star in the family – his sister, Hannah Midtbo (born 1990), has also made a name for herself in the climbing community. She clinched the Nordic Championships (NM) in lead climbing back in 2006. She has competed in various IFSC World Cups and European Championships as a bouldering athlete.

When it comes to Magnus’s early life and family details, he maintains a high level of privacy, leaving much of his personal life a mystery to the public eye.

Is He Dating? Who Is His Girlfriend?

In the realm of love, Magnus Midtbo has found his partner in adventure, Marte Knibe. What makes their story unique is that Marte wasn’t a climber from the get-go; her journey into climbing began when she started dating Magnus.

Marte is not just a behind-the-scenes figure; she’s become a familiar face on Magnus’s YouTube channel, where they share their climbing escapades.

Magnus Midtbo with his longtime girlfriend.
Magnus Midtbo with his longtime girlfriend. Source: Instagram/@magmidt

Their love story likely took flight around 2019, but in 2022, things got a bit more challenging. Magnus decided to venture into free solo climbing with none other than the legendary Alex Honnold, despite a promise he’d made to Marte not to do so.

Marte, the trooper that she is, offered genuine support and feedback. But she also made it clear that she’d rather Magnus not take such risks again in the future. Love, adventure, and compromise – their relationship is a beautiful blend of it all.

Magnus Motbo’s Rock Climbing Career

Midtbo’s climbing journey is a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication. He embarked on this path in 2000 at the age of 11, thanks to his mother’s encouragement. Remarkably, within just one year, he secured victory at the Norwegian Youth Championship.

By 2002, at the age of 13, he accomplished an on-sight ascent of his first 8a (5.13b) lead route at the Sageveggen rock wall near Bergen.

His ascent in the climbing world continued to soar as he clinched the World Youth Championships in Beijing, China, in 2005. Following his high school graduation in 2007, Midtbo made a significant move to Innsbruck, Austria, where he trained alongside some of the world’s top climbers, like David Lama and Jakob Schubert.

Magnus Midtbo is a professional Norwegian rock climber and YouTuber.
Magnus Midtbo is a professional Norwegian rock climber and YouTuber. Source: Instagram/@magmidt

One of his most remarkable feats occurred in August 2010 when he conquered the challenging Ali Hulk sit start extension route in Rodellar, Spain, a combination of bouldering and sport climbing.

In May 2013, Midtbø returned to Rodellar and achieved another significant milestone by on-sighting Cosi fan tutte, graded 8c+ (5.14c). Only a handful of climbers had accomplished similar feats.

In May 2017, Midtbo decided to retire from competitive climbing.

 In the 95th vlog of Midtbo’s YouTube channel, he said,

“I still get motivated just by climbing. I think some people need a specific goal, but I’ve never felt like I needed one. It sounds really cheesy, I know. I just love climbing. I love being in the nature. I love the feeling of feeling free, but it is like that you know. I don’t know. I like the lifestyle, I like traveling, I like trying hard, and most of all, I like the feeling of feeling really fit, really strong, the feeling of being able to climb anything.”

In January 2020, he ventured into new territory by representing Team Europe in American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World, showcasing his versatility and agility in different aspects of physical challenges.

Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

As of now Magnus Midtbo, the professional climber turned YouTuber, has an estimated net worth of $5 million. The competitive rock climbing didn’t provide substantial earnings due to the niche nature of the sport. Though, Magnus’s wealth largely comes from his YouTube channel.

Climbing is highly monetizable on YouTube, and he enjoys a competitive advantage as one of the most respected figures in the industry, consistently attracting views with his creative video content.

Additionally, he secures sponsorships and brand deals, which further contribute to his income. His annual earnings are estimated at approximately $200,000. His primary revenue sources are YouTube ad revenue and sponsorships. He has also written a book, which has also helped him with his wealth.

Magnus’ YouTube channel, bearing his own name, boasts over 1.55 million subscribers. YouTube channels typically earn between $3 to $5 per 1,000 views, with an estimated midpoint of $4. Also, know the net worth of other YouTubers like Joshua Ovalle and Keemstar.

With over 230 million views on his channel, Magnus has earned nearly $1 million from YouTube ad revenue alone. His celebrity status allows him to command higher rates for sponsorships, making these partnerships a significant income stream.

How Did Magnus Midtbo Start Climbing?

Magnus Midtbo’s journey into climbing began at an early age, shaped by his family’s climbing background. Both of his parents were climbers, and they introduced him to the world of climbing when he was just six years old. Taking him to a local climbing gym, ignited his interest and a passion for climbing.

As he continued to grow, so did his passion for climbing. Magnus’ dedication to the sport flourished, and he started participating in climbing competitions. With impressive skill and determination, he quickly ascended the ranks to become one of the top climbers in Norway.

Midtbo is renowned for his exceptional strength and technical ability, particularly on steep and challenging routes. One of his most notable accomplishments was sending “Silence” to Flatanger Cave, Norway, in 2017.

At that time, this route was considered the world’s first 5.15d (9c) grade, making it an iconic achievement in the climbing world.

Social Media

Magnus’ YouTube channel is a thriving hub for the climbing community, boasting nearly 2 million subscribers. His channel is a treasure trove of climbing-related content, where he generously shares his expertise. He offers training tips, collaborates with fellow climbers, and showcases his own impressive athletic feats.

Magnus Midtbo with his gold button from YouTube.
Magnus Midtbo with his gold button from YouTube. Source: Instagram/@magmidt

The heart of his YouTube content lies in his vlog series, a journey that commenced in March 2017. Through these vlogs, he invites viewers to share his climbing adventures and experiences.

Not limited to YouTube, Magnus also extends his reach to Instagram, where he shares climbing and fitness-related content.

With over 505,000 followers on this platform, he continues to inspire and connect with an ever-growing audience, demonstrating his impact and influence in the climbing and fitness communities. He stands at the height of 5-foot-7-inch (174cm). His weight is 71 kg (157 lb).

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