The former Italian runaway model, Margherita Ronchi, has now dealt with many modeling agencies as a stunning, fashionable, and talented model.

She is better known as a runaway model all over Italy and the USA. This was her professional life, where she gained wealth and lived a simple life.

When Ronchi began sharing a romantic life with an American actor, Matthew Fox, her recognition increased, and she became a famous face all over the media as a celebrity wife. 

Margherita was born in Venice, Italy, and is in her late 40’s. She was taken to the Italian Ronchi family, and her mother used to own a modeling studio. Being a fashionable mother, she became an inspirational part of Margherita’s life and encouraged her to pursue a career in modeling.

Is Matthew Fox Still Married To Margherita?

The runaway model Margherita, and the lead star of ABC’s ‘Lost,’ Matthew Fox, shared their wedding vows on August 1, 1992, at a religious ceremony at a church in front of family members, relatives, and friends. Many of the actors and actresses also arrived at the wedding party. 

The celebrity pair were in a romantic relationship before they tied the knot. The couple met back in 1987 in New York, where they used to study at the Atlantic Theatre Company.

Even though they were studying at the same company, they did not use to talk with one another.  

Margherita Ronchi, along with her husband, Matthew Fox

But one day, her friend introduced Matthew, but at that time, Margherita couldn’t speak English fluently because of her Italian descent. Even though there was a communication problem, they started sharing a bond like a good friend, and later on, after a good friendship, they began dating. 

Till now, the duo has been sharing a blissful relationship. They are also regarded as the perfect married couple and are now celebrating their 21st marriage anniversary.

Does Matthew Fox Have Kids?

The fan-favorite pair is the happy, blessed, and proud parents of their two adorable children. They welcomed their first kid, a daughter, Kyle Fox, in 1998, who is 25 years old as of 2023.

Likewise, the couplet became parents in 2001 by sharing their second child, a son, Byron Fox

Margherita Ronchi’s husband, Matthew, and daughter, Kyle.
Source: Just Jared 

Matthew’s son, Byron, is a tattoo artist whose official Instagram account is filled with amazing tattoos and drawings. Likewise, their daughter, Kyle, is also gaining media attention for being a celebrity daughter. 

The Fox family of four is living a happy lifestyle as of now. They seem delighted in their relationship and share a perfect bond as the most comfortable family. 

Rumors Of Dating Stefani Talbott

There is a rumor in the media that 57-year-old Matthew is cheating on his wife, Margherita. The rumors spread when a stripper named Stefani Talbott from Bend, Oregon, claimed that she had sexual contact with the actor on more than one occasion.

Image: A stripper named Stefani Talbott claimed to have sexual relations with Matthew Fox in 2010.

Stefani, in an interview, stated:

I was dancing on stage, and I made eye contact with him immediately. I got so excited and we sat around and talked, he also called me how down-to-earth I am.”

Shortly after that, in one of the interviews, she recalled saying that we used to text messages and spend our time together. Not only that, but we also spend our nights together. 

Although Talbott has declared that she was in a romantic relationship with him, Matthew denied having sexual relations with her. Fox’s scandal might be only the gossip displayed all over the media. 

Salary And Total Net Worth of Margherita Ronchi

The former fashion runaway model, Margherita Ronchi, might have an estimated net worth of $1 million, which she has collected throughout her professional work as a model. Another model Natalia Rivera has a net value of $1 million.

As per the source, an average wage of a model in Italy is $40.72 (€36.777) per hour. Ronchi might have earned the same remuneration during her career.

Likewise, her spouse, Matthew Fox, has a net worth of $6 million, which he has gathered from his work as a professional actor. Some of his movie credits are listed below, along with their box office collection;

From the movies mentioned above and many others, Fox has collected a good sum of wealth and garnered enough prominence.

Besides roles in films, Fox has also portrayed his role in many TV series like Party of Five, Supernatural drama series, Lost, and many others from where he has obtained a hefty sum of money.

Is Margherita Ronchi on Instagram?

Almost all models will have an online presence, as it has become mandatory to be recognized. However, Ronchi doesn’t have an official public Instagram handle.

The Italian diva has a private Instagram handle with a following of over a thousand. She probably talks with her close loved ones on her Instagram. Also, detailed information on the model is yet to be available on Wikipedia.

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