Meet Mariazel Olle Casals, the Spanish sensation who effortlessly wears many hats in the world of entertainment. From captivating TV audiences to lighting up YouTube, she’s a true media dynamo. You may recognize her from hit shows like “Los Sánchez,” “Machos,” and “What We Ladies Stay Silent,” where her on-screen charm shines bright.

But Mariazel doesn’t stop there; she’s also been a gracious host on Televisa Deportes Network, bringing sports and entertainment together. Her journey from traditional TV to the digital sphere has been nothing short of captivating, making her a beloved figure in both worlds.

Join us as we delve into the vibrant and versatile career of Mariazel Olle Casals, where entertainment knows no bounds.

How Old Is Mariazel Olle Casals? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Mariazel Olle Casals, a Spanish gem born on September 9, 1982, in Barcelona, Spain, is now 42 years old as we step into 2023. But her heart truly belongs to Mexico, where she grew up and began her enchanting journey. She discovered her love for acting and dance at a tender age, setting the stage for her remarkable career.

Mariazel Olle Casals has Instagram.
Mariazel Olle Casals has Instagram. Source: Instagram/@mariazelzel

While the spotlight shines brightly on her, Mariazel keeps her personal life more private. Details about her parents and siblings remain in the shadows.

In 2001, she embarked on a life-changing adventure, studying cinematographic interpretation in Barcelona, laying the foundation for her television career. Later, she found herself at CEFAT of TV Azteca, adding layers of education and experience to her unique journey.

Married Life: Husband and Children

Mariazel’s personal life has its own heartwarming story. She’s been happily married to the renowned actor and social media sensation, Adrian Rubio, since 2005. Their love has blossomed into a beautiful family, including their cherished daughter, Laia Rubio.

Mariazel Olle Casals and her spouse Adrian Rubio with their only daughter.
Mariazel Olle Casals and her spouse Adrian Rubio with their only daughter. Source: Instagram/@mariazelzel

Mariazel doesn’t hesitate to share glimpses of her life’s treasures, frequently posting heartwarming pictures of her husband and children. While they’ve journeyed together for over a decade, the finer details of their relationship remain a well-guarded secret, adding an air of mystique to their enduring love story.

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Meet Her Husband, Adrian Rubio

Adrian Rubio, a Mexican actor and model, has made a significant impact in the world of entertainment. His journey into the realm of acting began with his education at the Centro de Formación Actoral of TV Azteca. There he refined his skills and passion for the performing arts.

In his career, Adrian has graced the screen with several notable roles. In 2013, he portrayed Enrique in “Destino,” and in 2016, he took on the character of Freddy Torres in “El Chema.” He also appeared as Juan in “La Otra Cara del Alma” in 2012 and made a special guest appearance as Paola’s masseur in the series “Los Rey” in episodes 41-43.

Notably, Adrian played Jorge Valenzuela in “A Corazón Abierto” from 2011 to 2012 and was cast as Daniel in “La Loba” in 2010. His acting credits extend to “Cambio de Vida” in 2007, “Campeones de la Vida” and “Amor sin Condiciones” in 2006, and “Amor en Custodia” in 2005. His early career also included a role in “Top Models.”

Adrián Rubio’s diverse roles in the world of acting have showcased his talent and versatility, making him a recognized figure in the Mexican entertainment scene.

Net Worth

Mariazel Olle Casals has built a substantial net worth, which is currently estimated is $2 million. Her income streams are derived from various sources, including her work in modeling, acting, brand endorsements, commercials, and hosting television shows.

Likewise, with a successful career spanning multiple aspects of the entertainment and media industry, she has achieved financial success while captivating audiences with her talent and charisma.

Hosting Career

Mariazel Olle Casals embarked on her captivating career in 2004, following the completion of her studies at the CEFAT of TV Azteca. Her first taste of the entertainment world came with a reality show called “Machos,” where she made her debut in a limited role. The following year, she graced the screen in “Los Sánchez.”

Mariazel Olle Casals is Spanish actress and host.
Mariazel Olle Casals is Spanish actress and host. Source: Instagram/@mariazelzel

However, Mariazel’s breakthrough moment arrived in 2009 when she was chosen as the host of the popular Mexican show, “Valles 4 Calles program.” Moreover, her charismatic presence quickly won over thousands of fans, and she became a sensation in no time.

Likewise, with her rising popularity, Casals went on to host several other successful shows, including “Interactive Tribune,” “The Play,” “Who Are You Going to?,” and “Get Fit.”

Movies and TV Shows

As an actress, Mariazel has left her mark on various notable shows, such as “Today” (2017), “I Fall With Laughter” (2018), “Game Time” (2019), and “I Fall With Laughter: Dysfunctional Gala” (2021).

Beyond television, she has also showcased her acting talent in two plays: “I Fall With Laughter: The Live Show” and “Little Red Riding Hood.”

With her growing fame as an actress, Mariazel caught the eye of numerous local modeling agencies, leading to collaborations with various fashion and apparel brands. Her social media presence, particularly on Instagram, has also skyrocketed, where she frequently promotes apparel and sports brands to her millions of followers.

In addition to her television and modeling career, Mariazel has carved out a space on YouTube with her self-titled channel, boasting over 90,000 subscribers. On her channel, she shares a diverse range of content, including fashion, makeup tutorials, pranks, and engaging travel vlogs.

Some of her most popular videos include “ZEL – DETRÁS DE CÁMARAS ‘H PARA HOMBRES'” and “Zel – ¡NO LA RIEGUES CON TU CHAVA!”—further showcasing her multifaceted talents and appealing personality to her online audience.

The actress and host Mariazel is active on Instagram with the handle @mariazelzel.

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