One of the popular celebrity children in Europe, Marius Guardiola, is the child of football mogul Josep Guardiola Sala. Moreover, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the 17-year-old is constantly clicked by the paparazzi and features in headlines.

The article uncovers the massive networth of the Guardiola households and includes recent news about pep.

Who Is Marius Guardiola? Where Does He Go To School?

Born to one of the most accomplished football managers of all time, Marius Guardiola is the son of Pep Guardiola and Christina Serra. He was born in the beautiful region of Santpedor, Spain, Europe, in 2003. Furthermore, Marius grew up alongside two siblings, Maria Guardiola and Valentina Guardiola. Pep shares a strong bond with his children as he used to get up early to drop them at their school. Moreover, the father-son duo is often seen in golf clubs.

Pep Guardiola Carrying, Marius Guardiola (Left)
Pep Guardiola Carrying, Marius Guardiola (Left).
Image Credit: @Instagram

Due to his father’s job, Young Marius attended school in Barcelona, Munich, and Manchester. He is currently standing at 5 feet and 1 inch tall. He shares a passion for football, as he often celebrates with his famous father. Currently, Marius has reached the age of 17 and holds a Spanish Nationality. Despite being born into a prominent and wealthy household, he carries a humble personality and stays out of controversies.

Marius Guardiola’s Net Worth

Born to football royalty, young Guardiola has enjoyed a lavish lifestyle in various countries. Currently, his net worth amounts to 100 Million USD. Moreover, his dad became the highest-paid manager on the planet, beating Jurgen Klopp, Carlo Ancelotti, and the special one, Jose Mourinho. Furthermore, he signed with European powerhouse Manchester City with a contract worth 72 Million USD.

Marius Guardiola celebrating title win
Marius Guardiola is celebrating the title win.
Image Credit: @Instagram

Over three years, he earns 20 Million USD per season and 367.934 USD per week. Furthermore, with an esteemed personality and global recognition, pep is one of the most commercial entities in football; his lucrative deals with Gore-Tex, Puma, and Nissan add to his revenue. Recently, the Guardiola household added a 2114-sq-meter mansion in Font del Lleo, worth 10 Million Euros.

Pep Guardiola net worth
Pep Guardiola’s net worth.
Image Credit: @Toptenfamous, YouTube

Furthermore, his fleet of cars includes Mercedes GLE, Range Rover, Silver Bentley GTX700, and a Mini Cooper, worth 460k Euros. In addition, Marius inherits a luxury apartment in Manchester and numerous real states in high-end places. Despite being worth a fortune, pep raised his children with great care and didn’t let money get over their heads.

Recent News And Updates

One of the most recognized bodies in global football, Pep Guardiola is a constant headline puller. Despite being a genius at the beautiful game, the 50-year-old is notorious for crashing cars. Furthermore, the former Barcelona coach is appointed as the brand ambassador for Qatar’s 2020 Fifa World Cup due to his tie-up with Nissar Car. Unfortunate, great success sometimes leads to great disappointment.

Marius Guardiola's parents
Marius Guardiola’s parents.
Image Credit: @mrpepguardiola

Recently, the Mancity manager lost a high-profile Champions League final to London giants Chelsea. Despite being the bookie’s favorite, he lost the match 1-0. Consequently, he got criticized as he was brought up to manchester to win the phenomenal competition. Recently, touted a return to Barcelona, Marius could reunite with his old friends in Catalonia.

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