Maryke Hendrikse is one of the gems of the Entertainment Industry. She made every child fall in love with cartoons and anime through her amazing voice acting. Her contribution to this entertainment sector is immense, working in this industry for over a decade, and there is no stopping.

The famous voice actress inspires many people to pursue a voice acting career, becoming a role model and inspiration for them. Furthermore, scroll down and read the article briefly to learn detailed information about the outstanding voice actress.

Is the voice actress of Black Lagoon in a Lovely relationship? Does She Plan to Marry Soon?

If we look at the personal life of the famous voice actress, she is single at the moment. For now, she is keeping her private life behind the camera. The lady is avoiding unwanted rumors and unnecessary news regarding her personal life.

Furthermore, the voice actress of Sonata is not ready for a fully committed serious relationship and enjoying her single life. According to the sources, she isn’t dating anyone and hasn’t explored the topic in interviews and on media platforms.

Moreover, she may be dating someone in private. However, there is no detailed information about her past and present relationships. The fans hope the famous voice actress gets into a perfect relationship and make love. Also, read about Amanda Pacheco‘s Relationship.

Maryke Hendrikse is enjoying the fan moment with her fans
Maryke Hendrikse is enjoying the fan moment with her fans
Source: Twitter@MarykeHendrikse

In addition, we might get to see her in a lovely relationship when she finds the perfect match with someone. Moreover, if she finds someone perfect, she may take the further step, and fans would love to see her in a marital relationship.

As of now, she is focusing on her voice acting career. The Bahamian-Canadian Voice actress plans to provide more to this entertainment industry. She is doing her best to bring the best-animated movies and cartoons to her fans and doesn’t focus on getting into a relationship for now.

What is the net worth of Maryke Hendrikse?

Diving deep into the net worth of Maryke Handrikse, there is no correct details of net worth and keeping it under the wrap. She may not be interested in sharing her net worth, but it is estimated that her net worth must be between $1-5 million.

Furthermore, Maryke is making money from her professional voice acting career. She has been making a fortune in this entertainment industry for over a decade. The voice actress of Susan Test has voiced for more than ten films and television series.

Although the information regarding her salary from one movie, episode, or whole series is not available, if we look at the average wage of a famous voice actor, it can be estimated she must be earning between $111,500 to $199,000, similar to them.

Maryke Hendrikse is enjoying her net worth seeing a basketball tournament
Maryke Hendrikse is enjoying her net worth seeing a basketball tournament
Source: Twitter@MarykeHendrikse

She voiced the character Sonata Dusk in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls-Rainbow Rocks, a famous movie. According to sources, the film grossed $360,736 at the box office. She may have earned some money from it and the television viewership of over 600,0000 homies.

The famous voice artist has the voice for many popular movies and series, which include Black Lagoon, Johhny Test, Sausage Party, and many others. She may have changed the decent amount of money for those films and series.

Moreover, the queen of voice acting is making a fortune working in the voice acting field. She may have charged over $100k for the upcoming animation The Brilliant World of Tom Gates. It is a comedy-drama animation that might release this year soon.

Maryke Hendrikse Professional Voice Acting Career

Maryke Hendrikse is an experienced voice artist contributing to this Entertainment sector for more than fifteen years. She started her career by making her debut in the Televison series The Berenstain Bears. Maryke performed the voice for Hilary, which was released in 2003.

After the first television series, the voice artist voiced many minor characters. The dedication and hard work paid off, making her breakthrough in the television series Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, saying for Lunamaria Hawke, appearing in twenty episodes released in 2004.

Maryke Hendrikse with her voiced character Sonata Dusk
Maryke Hendrikse with her voiced character Sonata Dusk
Source: Twitter@MarykeHendrikse

The famous voice actress became widely recognized for voicing in the anime adaptation of the popular manga Black Lagoon. She performed the voice of Revy, Yoshi, and Kageyama’s Daughter, but most loved of all of them was Revy, the main protagonist of the anime.

During her professional voice acting career, she became blessed to work in the My Little Pony Franchise voicing in their every short video, movie, and Televison series, becoming the favorite character for children in one of the My Little Pony Movie displaying the lovely character Sonata Dusk.

Furthermore, she received the Elan Award for”Best Voice Over in an Animated Feature or TV Production.” Maryke received this award for giving the voice to the Character Susan Test in the tv series Jonny Test. The series premiered on July 21, 2021.

Maryke Hendrikse Short Bio

Maryke Hendrikse was a talented girl from childhood born on Feburary 23, 1979, and her zodiac sign is Pisces. She is originally from Nassau, Bahamas but soon moved to Canada 2 and a half years after her birth. She moved to Toronto with her parents.

However, she hasn’t shown interest in sharing the details of her parents on the media platforms. The voice actress hasn’t revealed about the siblings and her early life keeping her personal life behind the camera.

If we go through the educational background of Maryke, her education qualification is pretty amazing. According to sources, she is the first high school graduate from the alternative high school program interact and graduated from Douglas College specializing in child and youth care program in 2010.

Is Maryke Hendrikse a Basketball fan?

Maryke Hendrikse is a sports lover who loves to watch basketball tournaments in her free time. She is a fan of the Canadian professional basketball team Toronto Raptors, and her love for baseball is surprising to her fans.

Maryke Hendrikse is a huge fan of the Toronto Raptors
Maryke Hendrikse is a massive fan of the Toronto Raptors
Source: Twitter@MarykeHendrikse

Furthermore, She is an all-time fan of the Toronto Raptors who loves to watch the game in her hometown and support the players. The famous voice-over artist often makes posts of the team on her official Twitter with the username@MarykeHendrikse.

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