Matt James is a former NCAA football player, media personality, and businessman from the United States. He is well remembered for being The Bachelor’s first African-American male lead in season 25.

Matt was born on the 5th of the last month of 1991 to Manny and Patty James. His mother raised him in North Carolina and gained a bachelor’s degree in 2015. His parents divorced while he was a very young child, and his father was considered an absent father, and that is why, even on Father’s Day, he wishes for his mother.

Patty’s Son Works on The Bachelorette

When a year of criticism passes through the show’s lack of diversity, which has increased in current cultural time, James was named The Bachelor. He said it was an honor for James to be the first Black Bachelor. In the summer of 2020, James took part in the Black Lives Matter rallies that swept the country and the world.

Following Rachel Lindsay from season 13 and Tayshia Adams from season 16, Matt is the third Black lead in the show’s history. In June, Matt told Good Morning America that he wanted to understand more about himself and his upbringing.

Since Brad Womack in 2011, James was the first Bachelor without a past Bachelorette competitor. Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette cast Matt in 20, but Clare’s season began production; the Bachelor had Matt into it.

The Black Lead of The Bachelorette Relationship

James has an on and off-screen relationship with Rachael Kirkconnell, who he encountered on the Bachelor. Thirty-eight women got a chance by which they could know about Matt, but Rachael turned them down. She didn’t get the coveted first impression rose, but she did catch Matt’s eye on the first night.

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In the first episode of Bachelorette, the show gave the Bachelorette pair some one-on-one time. Kirkconnell gave herself to speak with James about something that she entirely dedicated. The conversation dashed some of their aspirations for their relationship.

On the Final Rose special, Rachael and Matt said they had broken up after seeing images of Kirkconnell attending an antebellum plantation-themed party. After the former Bachelor flew her out to New York, the two reconciled. She had planned to see James discuss their relationship, but she was unhappy when it didn’t work out.

Rachael Partner Career & Net Worth

Before becoming the Bachelor, Matt worked for CBRE Company, INC, a commercial business property agency in New York City. Rachael’s boyfriend worked at PNC Bank in Pennsylvania previously. The black lead of Bachelorette is also the founder and owner of ABC Food Tours, a non for profit organization based in New York City that teaches children in underprivileged areas about food.

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Manny’s son played football at the same University he studied before a brief run in the NFL as a wide receiver; the New Orleans Saints cut him after missing out on a chance with the Carolina Panthers. After that, his parents transferred him with themself to New York City. He started to think he would not be able to build a career in football.

A celebrity competitor on season 30 of Dancing with the Stars named James in 2021. He teamed up with Lindsay Arnold, with whom he finished in 12th place. He has made a net worth of $250K.

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Manny James Father
Patty James Mother