McCoy Lee Moretz was the plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who founded F.A.C.E. specializing in innovative and revolutionary cosmetic surgery. Before, he used to work at his private clinic in Atlanta, Georgia and later moved to Beverly Hills for more opportunities.

He also received a prestigious Paul Harris Fellow title from Rotary International. But the surgeon couldn’t continue his work for a very long time because of his ongoing illness and died in 2021. Anyway, here’s what we have gathered about the cosmetic surgeon’s life before his demise.

When was McCoy Lee Moretz born? Age and Bio

On January 17, 1957, McCoy Lee Moretz was born. Further, McCoy first opened his eyes in Newton, North Carolina. Charles Hugh Moretz and Kathleen Morris Moretz are the parents of McCoy.

McCoy Lee Moretz working in his Macbook
McCoy Lee Moretz was working on his Macbook.
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There is no information available regarding if the surgeon has siblings or not. Seems that he is the only child of his parents. McCoy was a disciplined child and a good student from the very beginning. He loved to study chemistry and biology while at school. And so, he enrolled at the medical college in Georgia.

Furthermore, he completed his studies at Emory University. He studied pre-medical at the University of North Carolina before graduating. Then, McCoy, now known by Mac’s name, carries on his practice at Emory University. In addition, Moretz co-founded a surgical center in Hickory, NC.

McCoy Lee’s daughter is a famous Hollywood star, Chloe Grace Moretz

McCoy married Teri Duke, an American nurse practitioner. Both of them met at work and soon began to date. From their marriage, they have five grown-up children. Brandon McCoy, Trevor Duke, Colin Edward Charles, Ethan Morris, Chloë Grace are the children of Moretz.

Gorgeous Chloë Grace Moretz strikes a pose for a photo
Gorgeous Chloë Grace Moretz strikes a pose for a photo.
Source: Instagram

Among all five siblings, Chloë Grace is the most famous and widely recognized actress. She was born on February 10, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia. From the early age of eight, she started acting with ‘The Amityville Horror‘ in 2005.

Soon after, Chloë marked her name in the industry with Kick-Ass and Let me In. She was featured on various magazine covers like Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, Instyle, and others with her ongoing popularity. Additionally, she was named 25 most influential Teens of the year by Times magazine in 2014.

McCoy’s all four sons have made a good career

His eldest son, Brandon Moretz, has started his career as a management engineer. Apart from this, he worked as the vice-president of FACE and founded Moretz Management, Inc. in 2008. Currently, he is forty-one years and is shy.

The beautiful Moretz family
The beautiful Moretz family.
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Likewise, Trevor duke Moretz is an American actor though he has not gained much fame like his sister Chloë. He is mostly known for the films like Youth In Revolt, The 5th Wave, and Kick-Ass 2. Besides, he is also a producer of films like November Criminals.

Ethan Moretz is an entrepreneur and a projects coordinator. Currently, he is the C.P.A. candidate and professional financial analysis and product group controllership. Similarly, Colin Edward Charles is setting himself in the entertainment industry. He has just played in the film ”Let Me In” alongside his sister.

Lee Moretz’s affair with Jo-Ann Hilton shattered his family

All marriages are not meant to be forever. Some experience bitter truth in their life as their partner cheat on them with the third person coming into their life. The wife of Moretz felt the same experience. McCoy and Duke were leading a happy life with their children in Georgia.

Surgeon McCoy celebrated Christmas with his fluffy dog
Surgeon McCoy celebrated Christmas with his fluffy dog.
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However, McCoy moved to Beverly Hills to expand his career for the better. There he got a chance to meet Paris Hilton’s aunt Jo-Ann Hilton. McCoy was a married man but also began to develop feelings for Hilton. Eventually, this led to his divorce from his wife, Teri Duke, in April 2016.

Their father’s decision shattered all the children and mothers. Despite this, Teri and her children made themselves a lot stronger people than ever and have always been to each other’s side ever since.

Moretz’s ex-wife is a cancer survivor

Teri Duke Moretz was diagnosed with kidney cancer not once but twice. With Teri’s ongoing divorce from her former husband, she has to go through the most difficult situation of her life.

Teri Duke enjoys her oyster meal
Teri Duke enjoys her oyster meal.
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Life was already giving a hard time when Teri was suddenly diagnosed with kidney cancer. No matter how hard it was, she survived the battle with cancer and also her divorce was finalized in 2016. All these things turned Teri into a strong woman.

Currently, Teri is a film producer known for films like November Criminals and Hick. Also, she is the manager of her actress daughter. She leads a happy and healthy life with her children with a bitter past and difficult circumstances.

How rich was McCoy Lee Moretz?

McCoy was a famous cosmetic surgeon. Throughout his career, he has helped many people change their appearances. For his effort and hard work, Moretz was voted Top Facial Plastic surgeons in America for three consecutive years by the Consumers Research Council of America.

McCoy before surgery with his patient
McCoy consulted before surgery with his patient.
Source: Instagram

In his life learnings, he always wanted others to inspire and work more to become more in their life. Before his demise, he left a million-dollar business.

However, his actual net worth is not specified. As plastic surgeons, they make an annual income of $299,000. Hence, he might have led a good life before, giving thirty-three years in the practice.

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