Meet Megan Fliehr: a powerhouse in WWE, daughter of wrestling icon Ric Flair. Her ring prowess and charisma redefine women’s wrestling. With a lineage steeped in wrestling royalty, Charlotte carved her own path to greatness.

Her athleticism and captivating presence have earned her multiple championships, including Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles. Beyond her lineage, she’s a trailblazer, elevating the women’s division to new heights. Her journey, marked by resilience and skill, inspires fans worldwide.

Whether dominating in the ring or showcasing her versatility outside of it, Charlotte Flair’s impact on wrestling remains indelible.

How Old Is Megan Fliehr? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Megan Fliehr’s origins trace back to her birth on January 6, 1980, in Memphis, Tennessee, making her 43 years old. Celebrating her birthday on this date, she entered a world where her father, wrestling legend Ric Flair, expressed immense pride in her. Her mother is Leslie Goodman.

Their bond, evident in Ric’s heartfelt birthday message on January 6, 2015, speaks volumes about their closeness.

As Ric’s eldest child, Megan shares this special connection with her brother David, born to the same parents. Her family extends to step-siblings Reid and Charlotte Flair, stemming from Ric’s later marriage.

Megan and her father cherish a profound relationship, frequently seen enjoying each other’s company in public, solidifying their enduring bond.

Her Parents Got Divorced When She Was Just Three!

At just three years old, Megan Fliehr witnessed her parents, Ric Flair and Leslie Goodman, part ways in 1983. Their marriage, which began in 1971, lasted over a decade and brought two wonderful children into the world: Megan and her brother David.

Despite her accomplishments in the wrestling world, Megan’s personal life paints a different picture. She’s faced the complexities of love, having been through three marriages, revealing a side of her life that contrasts with her success in the ring.

The strength she’s shown in her career contrasts with the challenges she’s navigated in matters of the heart, reflecting the human journey we all embark on.

Megan’s Father Is Married For Five Times

Ric Flair’s journey through marriage has been marked by multiple chapters, each with its own story. His first marriage to Leslie in 1971 ended in 1983, followed by his longest union with Elizabeth Harrell, spanning an impressive 23 years from 1983 to 2006.

His third attempt at marriage with fitness competitor Tiffany VanDenark lasted only two years, and the fourth with Jacqueline Beems, beginning in 2009, concluded in 2014 after their separation in 2012.

Currently, Ric Flair shares his life with Wendy Barlow, also known as Fifi the Maid, whom he married on September 12, 2018, in Florida. However, it is unclear if these pair are still together because on Twitter in 2022, Ric shared a tweet that he and Barlow were going their separate ways.

Amidst the shifts and changes in his romantic life, Flair’s journey reflects the complexities and evolution of relationships, showcasing the various experiences that shape a person’s path.


Megan Fliehr’s family landscape is diverse and complex. Her biological brother, David Flair, initially ventured into professional wrestling in 1999 and has since transitioned into law enforcement.

In addition to David, Megan shares a familial bond with her half-siblings, Charlotte Flair and the late Reid Flair. Tragically, Reid, who pursued wrestling like his father, passed away due to a drug overdose in March 2013.

Megan Fliehr with her father and her siblings.
Megan Fliehr with her father and her siblings. Source: Instagram/@heyheyitsconradthompson

On the other hand, Megan’s half-sister Charlotte, born from Ric’s second marriage to Elizabeth Flair, has carved an impressive path as a successful professional wrestler, author, and actress.

Charlotte’s achievements in the WWE, boasting an eight-time reign as the WWE Women’s Champion, underline her prowess and dedication to the sport, carrying forward the wrestling legacy within the Flair family.

How Did Megan’s Half-Brother Die?

The passing of Reid Flair hit Megan Fliehr’s family with profound grief. Reid, her younger half-brother, and a budding professional wrestler, tragically succumbed to a drug overdose shortly after his wrestling debut, leaving the entire family devastated.

Ric Flair, shattered by the loss, openly expressed his deep affection for his son, expressing the immense pain he felt in an interview with WBTV, acknowledging the day as incredibly tough for himself and his family.

In the wake of Reid’s passing, Charlotte, Reid’s mother, took to Twitter in 2014 to express the weight of her tragic loss, underscoring the deep impact his death had on their lives.

Reid’s struggles with drug-related issues and previous run-ins with the law prior to his passing hint at a tumultuous journey that culminated tragically, leaving behind a family deeply affected by his untimely departure.

Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Yes, Megan Fliehr is happily married to Conrad Thompson, a successful American mortgage broker and professional wrestling podcaster. The couple tied the knot on October 13, 2018, in an intimate wedding ceremony that was attended by Megan’s father, Ric Flair, and her step-sister Charlotte.

Megan Fliehr and her husband Conard Thompson on their wedding ceremony.
Megan Fliehr and her husband Conard Thompson on their wedding ceremony. Source: Instagram/@heyheyitsconradthompson

Both Ric and Charlotte took to social media to celebrate and share their joy on Megan’s special day.

Charlotte, expressing her happiness for her sister on Instagram, shared heartfelt sentiments, celebrating Megan’s union with Conrad as she found her best friend and also gained an awesome brother-in-law.

Megan was radiant in her wedding gown while Conrad looked sharp in his black attire. Their relationship has thrived over the two years of their marriage, evident in their shared celebrations and commemorations of special moments, like their Valentine’s Day festivities in 2019, beautifully captured by Conrad on Instagram, honoring their love and union.

She Has a Daughter From a Past Relationship With Robert Ketzner

Megan Fliehr’s journey in love led her to a beautiful gift: her daughter, Morgan Lee Ketzner, born on May 9, 2004, from a previous relationship with Robert Ketzner. While Megan’s past relationships remain private, the heartwarming tale continues as she finds love again with Conrad Thompson.

Conrad stepped into Megan and Morgan’s lives, becoming a pillar of support and love. Their story took a heartwarming turn when Conrad officially became Morgan’s father through adoption, solidifying their family bond.

Conrad’s social media is a testament to their closeness, showcasing the cherished moments they share, underscoring the depth of their connection and the joy found in their loving relationship. Their journey reflects the beauty of blending families and the strength found in love and commitment.

What Does Megan Fliehr Do? Is She Also a Wrestler?

Megan Fliehr, known for her early exposure to the wrestling world alongside her father, embarked on a career in acting and television.

Megan Fliehr has appeared in several movies.
Megan Fliehr has appeared in several movies. Source: Instagram/@heyheyitsconradthompson

Her debut in 1995 on the WWE TV series, “WCW Monday Nitro,” marked her entry into the entertainment industry. She furthered her presence with appearances in notable projects like ESPN’s documentary series “30 for 30.”

Despite her family’s wrestling legacy, Megan herself isn’t a wrestler, unlike her brother, who retired from the sport. Her half-brother, Reid Flair, pursued wrestling until his tragic passing in 2013 due to a drug overdose.

Meanwhile, her sister Charlotte has become a prolific wrestler, achieving remarkable success with 14 world championships to her name.

While Megan isn’t a wrestler, her contributions to television and her family’s ties to the wrestling world have kept her connected to the industry, showcasing her versatility in the entertainment realm.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Megan Fliehr’s estimated net worth of $500,000 stems from her work in acting and hosting, contributing to her financial standing. Likewise, her connections to her father, Ric Flair, a retired wrestling icon with a net worth of $500,000, contribute to her luxurious life.

In contrast to her siblings who’ve pursued wrestling, Megan leads a relatively low-key lifestyle, preferring to keep her private life out of the public eye. Despite her presence in the entertainment industry, she maintains a certain level of privacy. choosing not to extensively share personal details, which sets her apart from her more wrestling-oriented family members.

Does She Have an Instagram?

Megan Fliehr, despite hailing from a prominent family, prefers a life away from the spotlight. Her Instagram presence is minimal, with only four public posts and 2.9K followers on her inactive account, unlike Belinda Bromilow and Tish Tacopina. She occasionally appears on her father’s Instagram page but maintains a low profile.

In contrast, her husband Conrad Thompson is quite active on social media, boasting around 49.8k Instagram followers and over 121k on Twitter, showcasing a more public persona compared to Megan’s preference for privacy.

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