Michael Imperioli is a professional actor, writer, director, and musician from the United States, best recognized for his portrayal of Christopher Moltisanti in HBO’s crime thriller The Sopranos.

The actor was born in the US on March 26, 1966. He is one of the best actors and is also interested in music. Talking about his musical career, he is also a guitarist and vocalist for the band Zopa.

Victoria Chlebowski is a Russian businesswoman, celebrity wife, and fashion enthusiast born in 1966. She rose to stardom as Michael Imperioli’s wife. Victoria is also a co-owner of SVE New York.

Unlike her husband, she never gained prominence in the entertainment sector but has developed a successful career as an entrepreneur. In addition, she and her life partner co-own a hippie pub in Chelsea.

Thus, Michael and Victoria are a couple living their lives together.

Michael and Victoria Imperioli Marriage Life

Victoria Chlebowski has three children with Michael Imperioli, whom she married in 1996. They correctly split their time between the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Santa Barbara, California.

They also exchange vows in secret ceremonies with only a few close friends and family members. Also, be familiar with Bridget Showalter Pudi. The lovely pair has been living together for a long time with understanding.

In addition, in 1997, the couple became parents for the first time when she gave birth to Vadim Imperioli. After almost four years of being parents to a newborn son, the couple desired another child.

In addition, they had their second child, David Imperioli, in 2001. Aside from that, she is the mother of a beautiful girl from a previous marriage. Her name is Isabella. She hasn’t said anything about her last relationship, however.

Furthermore, their children appear to be adults focused on finding work.

The couple follows Buddhism.

The 56 years old Chlebowski studied philosophy in college and read a lot of Buddhist works, which she shared with Imperioli. The pair then began attending Buddhist courses in New York City in about 2016.

Gelek Rinpoche, who taught Allen Ginsberg and Phillip Glass, was one of the first teachers they attended.

Victoria Chlebowski and her actor husband attend as many of Gelek Rinpoche’s teachings as possible and Sogyal Rinpoche‘s and the Dalai Lama‘s lectures.

Garchen Rinpoche took refuge with the parents of three children in July 2020. The Imperioli are also Tibetan Buddhist teacher Namkha Rinpoche‘s followers and have even established a facility in Tribeca for Rinpoche to lecture.

Imperioli claims that Buddhism has given his wife, Chlebowski, a lot of benefits and changes.

Born in New York, the performer maintains that the practice has improved her patience, tolerance, and mental clarity. He also noted how his wife’s self-compassion had influenced him and his children.

The pair meditates in the morning and just before going to bed.

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