Mika Kleinschmidt is a regular woman and a celebrity wife, born as Mika McGee. After marrying her beloved celebrity husband, Brian Kleinschmidt, she rose to fame as an American reality TV personality’s wife.

Brian Kleinschmidt is a well-known American developer, entrepreneur, and reality television star. He is also well-known for her role in HGTV’s ‘100 Day Dream Home‘. Further, he owns a fitness gym.

McGee and Kleinschidt Love Life Status

In her anniversary postings, Mika Kkleinschmidt revealed how she met her present spouse, Brain Kleinschmidt. Brian was accidentally placed in the girl’s choral class, and their paths first crossed in 1999.

Brian also fell in love with Mika right away but was hesitant to express his thoughts. He asked his friend to ask his crush out on a date on his behalf because he lacked the confidence to approach her.

Mika Kleinschmidt and Brian Kleinschmidt pose for a beautiful photo.
Photo Source: Instagram @mrbreakinground

Mika, unfortunately, turned down Kleinschmidt at that time. For years after graduation, the two went contactless. They moved on with their love lives and even reunited with time but separated later.

The former high school classmates rejoined in 2011 after a decade apart due to fate. Brian finally dared to confess to her, and she accepted his proposal this time with a lovely ‘Yes.’

Mika and Brian Married Life Timeline

Following Mika’s acceptance, the gorgeous pair began dating. They were happy having each other’s side. And after four years of being together, Brian and Mika began their journey as husband and wife.

The couple married in a small wedding ceremony in Sedona in October 2015. They had lived a happy and luxurious married life for over a half-decade already but hadn’t shared a child.

On the other hand, Mika is the mother of a lovely daughter named Jade. She welcomed her prior relationship’s child. Jade’s biological father was absent from her childhood.

Mika Kleinschmidt, Brian Kleinschmidt and Jade Kleinschmidt are having fun in their free time.
Photo Source: Instagram @mrbreakinground

Kleinschmidt is content with his modest family, including himself, his wife, and his stepdaughter, Jade Kleinschmidt. He considers and loves Jade as his child and accepts her as a family member.

Furthermore, Jade’s father wished her a happy 13th birthday, writing, “Happy 13th birthday to the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Any gift he could give her would never compare to her.

Brian Kleinschmidt’s Past Married Life

In the past, Kleinschmidt married former Miss America 2004, Erika Dunlap in 2007. Erika was the first African-American woman to earn the title of Miss Florida during her undergraduate years.

After several years of friendship, Dunlap and Brian began their romance and pushed their lovey-dovey relationship to the next level with their marriage. The charming couple split up for unknown reasons.

Moreover, The lovely couple formalized their divorce in 2011. Erika and her ex-husband started living separated and a single life until Brian married her second wife in 2015.

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