The celebrity personality Mina Kimes is making many of us proud. The renowned figure Mina is a Korean-American journalist known as a news reporter in the sports sector. Her incredible quality in reporting and her working ethic has made her one of the most successful journalist in this field.

The passionate Mina is an award-winning journalist. Currently, she works as an NFL analyst, senior writer, podcast host, and television contributor for ESPN. She has written for FortuneBloomberg News, and ESPN. Moreover, Mina is a senior writer at ESPN and an analyst on NFL Live. As a journalist, Mina’s career is thriving.

Mina was born on September 8, 1985, in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. The NFL analyst Mina is mixed of Korean descent from her mother’s side. Likewise, her father served in the United States Air Force as a captain. Later, when Kimes was in her teenage, she moved to Arizona with her family. Continue reading to find out more about the ESPN journalist Mina Kimes’ married life and net worth.

Is Mina Kimes Married? Who Is Her Husband?

The star Mina is happily married for a long time. Together with the success in the professional field, Mina has succeeded in her love life too. Being married for so many years Mina is making many of her fans curious to know about her husband.

The ESPN journalist Mina Kimes has been married to her husband Nick Sylvester since September 19, 2015.
Source: Instagram @mina_kimes

The journalist Mina is in a marital relationship with Nick Sylvester. The pair have been married for over six years. The couple is very private about their love life and rarely publicly talks about it. However, Mina never fails to show the couple is still going strong by occasionally sharing the posts of her husband on her Instagram profile.

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Likewise, the talented pair exchanged their wedding vows on September 19, 2015, in Philadelphia. They held their wedding privately with their close friends, family members, and relatives. Their wedding picture was captured by the Viva Love photographer. A month later, on October 12, 2015, journalist Kimes shared an image from their big day, writing, “Three weeks in, going strong.”

Mina Kimes and her husband Nick Sylvester with their pet dog Lenny.
Mina Kimes and her husband Nick Sylvester with their pet dog Lenny.
Source: Instagram @mina_kimes

The couple does not share a child till far. However, the pair has a pet dog named Lenny. Mina and Nick love their dog Lenny dearly and evens call him a son. Lenny was also present at the pair’s weddings. Nick and Mina love to go on a trip together with their son Lenny.

Moreover, Mina and Sylvester married life is going strong as the couple is known for their mutual love of music and their support for each other’s careers. The paint currently resides in Los Angeles.

Who Is Mina Kimes’ Husband Nick Sylvester?

The better known as a celebrity husband of Mina. Nick is a notable artist in the music industry. Sylvester is a well-known music producer, drummer, and songwriter. The talented musician Nick is the co-founder of the music label and production company Godmode. The Godmode has produced and released music from several up-and-coming artists.

Mina Kimes's husband Nick Sylvester is a well-known music producer, drummer, and songwriter.
Mina Kimes’s husband Nick Sylvester is a well-known music producer, drummer, and songwriter.
Source: Instagram @nickgodmode

Likewise, Nick is better known for his work as a producer for the band Mr. Dream. The musician Nick was passionate about music since his youngest days. At first, Sylvester started his career as a drummer. And played in several bands before transitioning to production.

The talented musician Nick has successfully made his name in the music industry. Nick is known for his innovative and experimental approach to music production, and many critics have praised him for his unique sound and style.

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In addition, Sylvester has also produced music for several other labels and artists, including Chairlift, Okkervil River, and Sky Ferreira. He has also worked as a music supervisor for film and television, with credits including the critically acclaimed film Uncut Gems (2019) and the TV series Search Party (2016).

Mina Kimes’s Net Worth

The 5-foot-4-inch (163 cm) tall Mina enjoys an incredible amount of success together with wealth. Thanks to her incredible talents in her profession, Mina enjoys a notable amount of salary and wealth. Mina’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

The sports commentator and NFL analyst Mina Kimes have been working with ESPN since May 2014.
The sports commentator and NFL analyst Mina Kimes have been working with ESPN since May 2014.
Source: Instagram @mina_kimes

The ESPN reporter Mina’s primary source of income is her career as a journalist, commentator, and writer. Kimes’ has earned a significant amount of money from her work at ESPN and other publications. In addition to her work as a journalist, Kimes has also appeared as a guest on several podcasts and TV shows and has hosted her own podcast series.

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As a writer, Mina has also written a book titled The Art of Fielding, which was published in 2020. Moreover, as a senior writer and commentator at ESPN, Kimes likely earns a substantial salary. According to reports, the average salary for an ESPN commentator is $145 thousand per year. Similarly, Kimes also earns additional income from her work as a writer, podcast host, and other sources.

Mina Kimes’ Early Life

Mina was raised in a Korean-American family. She was born to a father; Peter Winston Kimes and a mother; Sun Min Kimes. The NFL analyst grew up with a sibling brother named Isaac Kimes. Mina’s sibling is a civil trial lawyer and is married to his wife Brooke Shippee and has two kids.

The American journalist Mina Kimes' parents, Peter Winston Kimes (father) and Sun-Min Kimes (mother).
The American journalist Mina Kimes’ parents, Peter Winston Kimes (father) and Sun-Min Kimes (mother).
Source: Instagram @sunminkimes

The hardworking Mina comes from a military background. Her father was a captain of the US Air Force. Likewise, Kimes attended Mesquite High School in Gilbert, Arizona. And later Mina attended Yale University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Since, childhood, Mina was passionate about writing and reading.

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Therefore, to make her passion into a profession Mina pursued a career in journalism, starting out as a business reporter for Fortune magazine. Likewise, Mina later transitioned to writing about sports, which had been a lifelong passion of hers, and began working as a sports writer for ESPN The Magazine and

The childhood image of Mina Kimes with her mother and brother Isaac Kimes.
The childhood image of Mina Kimes with her mother and brother Isaac Kimes.
Source: Instagram @mina_kimes

Additionally, Kimes quickly gained a reputation for her insightful and engaging writing, and she eventually became a regular commentator on ESPN TV shows and podcasts. Mina Kimes has successfully achieved her dream as a journalist.

As Mina has received numerous awards and honors for her work, including the David Carr Award for journalistic excellence, which she received in 2018.

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