Monami Frost is a tattoo model, YouTuber, and entrepreneur from the United Kingdom. Her body changeovers and tattoos have made her famous. She has her own YouTube channel to post beauty instructions and tattoo advice.

Anrijs Straume is a celebrity spouse and tattoo artist. He began sketching the tattoos he wanted on his body. He fell in love with tattoos even more after getting his first one at 17 and wanted to pursue a career as a tattoo artist.

Frost And Straume Married Life Timeline

Monami Frost was in London visiting some of her closest friends. At that point, she met Anrijs Straume, a well-known tattoo artist. Later, the lovely couple happily tied their wedding knot.

Anrijs and Monami tied the knot at a modest church in London on August 25, 2012. A few members of the family only attended the wedding ceremony. Her daughter, Gabby, joined their marriage at church. Recently, on August 25, 2022, the pair celebrated their 10th marriage anniversary.

In 2011, the excellent pair met through a mutual friend in London. Anrijs is a well-known tattoo artist in the neighborhood. Further, Frost revealed that she and Straume were expecting a child in 2018.

Monami Frost, Anrijs Straume, and their two children pose for a beautiful photo.
Photo Source: Instagram @monamifrost

Neo, the couple’s daughter, was born on April 13, 2019. The four-person family is having a wonderful time. Also, the couple spends most of their free time with their children, who they have raised well.

A mixtape was one of Monami’s first gifts from Anrijs when they started dating. Solaris’ ‘Mark Frost (MonAmi)‘ was featured on the mixtape. The song inspired her to choose the stage name “Monami Frost.”

Monami Frost’s Past Relationship Status

Monami had been in a relationship before meeting Anrijs. She has not given the media any information about him. Moreover, from her first marriage, Gabby is her daughter’s name. Also read: Shonka Dukureh

Frost was fifteen years old when Gabby was born. Before meeting Anrijs, her mother was in a relationship with him till 2018. Gabby is currently residing in London with her stepfather and half-sister, Neo.

Monami’s Hobby And Interest

Monami’s black sleeve and the snowflake tattooed on her forehead by Anrijs are two of her favorite tattoos. Furthermore, It symbolizes her name and individuality, as no two snowflakes are alike.

When Straume goes out, she loves to look her best. However, she prefers to dress in her boyfriend’s clothing, which is normally too big for her. She is athletic and participates in a range of sports.

Monami Frost and Anrijs Straume take a mirror selfie photo together.
Photo Source: Instagram @monamifrost

Frost appreciates being outside and prefers nature to large towns and traveling. She has visited national European parks and mountains, such as the Alps in Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.

Nonetheless, The tattoo model enjoys watching movies and TV shows in her spare time. In addition, one of her favorite films is ‘The Matrix.’

Monami Frost’s tattoo

Frost is a tattoo model who has unaccountable. Her body is covered with numerous tattoos of different colors, primarily black. The tattoo patterns are mostly her images, star shapes, and flowers spread across her neck, back, stomach, and some on her face.

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