Monica Beets is a Canadian gold miner and reality television personality. She rose to prominence after appearing on the Discovery Channel’s reality show Gold Rush. Furthermore, she worked in the mining industry at 12, following her father, Tony Beets footsteps.

Monica Beets Is In Happy Marital Relation

On August 11, 2018, Monica tied the knot to Taylor Mayes in Dowson City, Yukon. The event was also filmed for an episode of GoldRush. Her parents and siblings, as well as other cast members, were there at the wedding ceremony. Also, her dog Doyle was present. Also, know about Tow Truck Jess.

Tony holding his daughter Monica's wedding tiaras
Tony holding his daughter Monica’s wedding tiaras
Image: Instagram

The outdoor wedding was stunningly decorated. Beets are private when it comes to her personal life. However, she revealed that she was expecting a child.

Taylor, like Monica, hasn’t run away from the spotlight since then, though he’s less seen and heard these days. Monica, the miner, is also in a loving relationship with her long-term spouse. This adorable couple seemed to be madly in love with one another.

Net Worth Of Monica Beets

Canadian reality star’s net worth is around $1.5 Million.

Her fortune is primarily derived from her work as a miner and a reality star. According to Talent, the average salary of mining in Canada is $77,208 per year or $39.59 per hour. Seeing her and coming from the same background, she seems experienced in her work.

Beets with the crew
Beets with the crew
Image: Instagram

Beets is an enthusiastic reality television personality and miner. As a result, her net worth and income are very certain to rise in the next years. She is active on social media. This lovely, hardworking Canadian has amassed wealth via her multiple sources of income, yet she chooses to live a modest life.

The Career Of Tony Beets Daughter, Monica Beets

Monica has been performing the work for more than a decade due to her father’s tremendous enthusiasm for mining. Her father strapped her into a front-end loader and told her she had to figure out what to do next when she was only 12 years old.

Canadian reality personality Monica
Canadian reality personality Monica
Image: Instagram

She worked it out, and she’s been working alongside her father ever since. Gold Rush is usually filmed in the summer and then broadcasts from the autumn through the spring. Monica claims she doesn’t like seeing herself on TV, even though it has made her tiny frame.

Short Biography of Monica Beets

On November 7, 1993, Monica Beets was born. She is a Dawson City inhabitant and a Canadian. Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is her favorite artist, and she named her dog after him. Her educational background is unclear. Kevin is her elder brother, and Mike is the youngest one.

Doyle and Monica
Doyle and Monica
Image: Instagram

However, she also had a younger sister named Jasmine Beets. Jasmine’s parents welcomed her a year before Monica was born. She was unable to meet her because she died at two and a half months in 1993. According to reports, her sister Jasmine died as a result of an extra chromosome.

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Tony Beets Father
Minnie Beets Mother
Bianca Beets Sister
Kevin Beets Son
Mike Beets SOn