Quick Facts of Nadine Sterling

Nadine Clarke Sterling, aka Nadine Sterling, was a competitor in the Jamaican public sports group. Nadine is famous as she is the mother of the renowned footballer Raheem Sterling. He plays from the famous English Football Club Manchester City and also from the National team of England. And is known for her hard work and struggle as she was a single mother for many years.

Who Is Nadine Sterling’s Husband?

Nadine Sterling Married Phillip Slayter. They gave birth to the renowned Raheem Sterling in 1994. In 1996, there was a dark day for this family. Her husband and the father of Raheem Sterling lost his life due to getting shot several times while crossing a “gang border” in Jamaica, Kingston, making Nadine Sterling a single mother and Raheem a fatherless child.

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After that incident, she was a single mother raising a 2 years old child. But then she met Errol Sterling. Being a single mother, it was very hard for her, and after meeting Errol Sterling, she found him very helpful and understanding which ended up getting them married. They had a child together and named her Yakima Sterling since they have a very sound and happy family.

Nadine Sterling’s Net Worth

There is no actual information on her net worth, but we will soon update you about this information as soon as possible. Nadine Sterling being a former competitor of the Jamaican Sports Group, must be involved in some Sports activities during this time being. According to the rumors, she is also involved in a business with her current husband. This concludes that she earns enough amount of money for her living.

Nadine on a yacht with her Son Raheem
Nadine on a yacht with her Son Raheem
: Mail Online

Her son Raheem Sterling being famous and a Football star with a Net Worth of more than $40 million, also helps her in her daily activities.

Raheem Sterling’s Mother, Nadine Sterling

Nadine hasn’t revealed anything about her childhood and her struggles. She is a Jamaican citizen. She is 49 years old currently. There is no information revealed by her about her parents and siblings as well. There is no information about her qualification as well. We will reach up to you with all the information as soon as possible.

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