South Korean actor Nam Da-reum started his theatrical profession as a young star, portraying junior editions of leading roles in several great Korean dramas.

He is most recognized for his starring role in Beautiful World.

Da-reum was born in the city of Suwon-si in the South Korean province of South Korea on June 13, 2002. In the famous 2009 TV dramaBoys Over Flowers,’ he made his first acting appearance.

Early Life of Da-reum

As Nam’s birthplace is Suwon, he was also raised there with his family. And He loves kinds of music and loves to play violent when he ever got the free time.

He also enjoys fighting with people and Taekwondo. Aside from that, his personal and family life has remained hidden from the public eye. Similarly, Nam Da-reum graduated from a high school that is unknown to the public and the internet when it comes to his schooling.

Boys Over Flowers Young lead Actor Relationship

The Beautiful World actor is very private about his personal life. But as his daily activities and posts on social media, we can indeed say he is a single man. He is just focusing on his career, making a bright future.

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim is a new fantasy romantic drama starring Kim Sae Ron, a teen with magical skills who wants to be a regular high school student but is doomed to become a shaman. She plays the role of Ga Doo Shim in the movie.

After encountering Ga Doo Shim, Nam Da Reum, a golden child, begins to see ghosts. They worked together to unravel a terrible mystery. He plays the role of Na Woo Soo in the movie.

Ga Doo is supposed to become a powerful shaman who hunts down evil spirits. The only difficulty is that she has trouble seeing both good and bad moods.

Her grandma had assured her that she would be able to live a regular life if she could make it to the age of eighteen.

Furthermore, Shim quickly discovers that Na Woo has acquired the ability to perceive spirits. They realize that they can fight back against the forces of evil threatening to take over the school by banding together.

Their ghost-busting cooperation blossomed into romance one day.

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The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim’s Actor Career and Net Worth

Beyond acting, Da-reum expresses himself as an artist. He has stated that he enjoys practicing his violin talents when not on set or in Chung Ang University’s Department of Theater and Film Creation class.

Nam has already appeared in over 40 TV shows at the age of 19. The adolescent has played characters ranging from plain folk to royalty and even ghosts in dramas such as The Suspicious Housekeeper, Hotel Del Luna, and Where Stars Land.

Nam Da Reum has won several prestigious prizes in a brief period. For his outstanding performance, he earned the 2015 fourth APAN Star Awards | Best Young Actor for Pinocchio and the 36th MBC Drama Awards | Best Young Actor The King in Love.

He has a net worth of $1.5 million.

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Byeon Jeong-ae Mother
Nam Sang-un Father