Nancy Putkoski is an ordinary woman living everyday life like all others. She became the topic of search for everyone after tieing the knot with Anthony Bourdain. After marrying shortly, she gained the spotlight that she didn’t need and is happy to live everyday life.

Anthony Bourdain was a recognizable icon around the world. He was famous for presenting travel documentaries and appearing on television. The celebrity loved to explore international cuisine, culture, and tradition worldwide with his fans.

The wife of a celebrity was born on 8th April 1955. Although her husband spent his life in the spotlight, she was private. Nancy wasn’t interested in interacting with media platforms but instead loved to spend her life away from media.

How did Nancy Putkoski and Anthony Bourdain meet and fall in love with each other?

If we look at the pair’s meeting, it is a pretty unique and exciting love story. They weren’t sharing their bond from the professional or college life meet-up. The couple was high school lovers who fell in love with each other in high school, but his ex-husband was more committed to their relationship.

According to some sources, the lovely pair meet at Dwight Englewood High School. From high school, he was caught on with the aura of Nancy, and he used to recognize her as a” Bad Girl.” She was a year older than him and graduated early before his graduation.

Nancy Putkoski and Anthony Bourdain during their lovely relationship
Nancy Putkoski and Anthony Bourdain during their lovely relationship
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Furthermore, the famous chief was not ready to let go and attended the same college immediately after graduating high school. The spouse of a renowned chief was studying at ” Vassar College,” which used to accept only girls during its early phase.

However, Anthony was lucky to get in there because the policies changed; it started accepting men, and few men were there during that time. Further, he left the college after two years, but they were dating each other because they were close neighbors.

When did they Marry each other? How was their marital life?

After sharing their lovely bond, the love duo wanted to take further steps in their relationship by marrying each other. The love birds eventually married in 1985, tying the knot with each other. However, the details about their wedding ceremony and guest appearance are still under wrap.

The pair shared their lovely relationship facing many ups and downs, supporting each other. Likewise, She was the good luck charm, and Anthony grew towards the spotlight after his book” Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly” bloomed.

However, it is surprising that the pair didn’t plan to have a baby. During their lovely relationship, the couple was unsure whether to decide to have a baby. Unfortunately, they separated from each other before sharing a baby.

When did the love birds part their ways, and what was the reason behind it?

It was surprising for the fans of the lovely pair that they were parting away from each other after sharing the bond for twenty years. It was hard to believe that the couple was parting away after supporting each other for over a decade.

Furthermore, they remain clear to separate from each other, making a mutual decision between them. The lovely pair parted from each other in 2005. The fans were not happy with the duo’s decision but had their reason to pat away.

Anthony Bourdain loved his culinary field
Anthony Bourdain loved his culinary field.
Source: PaperCity Magazine

Looking out for a reason for their divorce, we concluded that it was due to their busy life. Anthony was not spending time with her wife after he gained the spotlight and traveling to different places for more than a year.

According to some sources, he said,” I spent almost two years traveling and Filming’A Cook’s Tour‘, and as a result, my marriage fell apart.” His ambition and curiosity to explore different places regarding food created a wall between the duo being distant from each other with time.

The life of Nancy Putkoski after divorce

After separating from her husband, Nancy went completely hidden, and no one knew where she was. She didn’t interact with the media platforms about their relationship and the reason behind their parting ways.

In addition, she doesn’t use any social media handles to spend her personal life without an unwanted spotlight. However, she has appeared in the movie “Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain.” We can guess it was condolence from her as her ex-husband passed away on June 8, 2018.

The Life of Anthony Bourdain after divorce

Anthony Bourdain was moving on with his life leaving his past behind and getting ready for a better tomorrow. He was busy with his professional life exploring different destinations around the world. Later, his close colleague Eric Ripert introduced him to his other love Ottavia Busia.

They were pretty comfortable with each other company due to their similar interest and behavior. Furthermore, they would love to talk to each other about different cuisines, and in no time, they started dating each other.

Anthony Bourdain and Ottavia Busia
Anthony Bourdain and Ottavia Busia
Source: Twitter@OttaviaBourdain

After two years of divorce from Nancy, Anthony was ready to marry Ottavia, although the age gap between the couple was twenty-two. They completed their marriage ceremony in 2007 in the presence of their close colleagues and family members.

In addition, they strengthened their bond by moving on the next of becoming the father and mother of Ariane Bourdain. Anthony loved his baby so much, spending time traveling and enjoying with Ariane despite his busy schedule and work.

Anthony Bourdain and Asia Argento
Anthony Bourdain and Asia Argento
Source: Malay Mail

However, the duo faced the same problem as his previous relationship. Due to his work schedule, he didn’t get to spend quality time with his family. Unfortunately, the duo decided to part ways after spending their life together for nine years and parted in 2016.

After parting ways with Ottavia, he was seen with Asia Argento. However, there are few details regarding their relationship and when they started dating. Suddenly, the chief committed suicide on June 8, 2018, leaving Asia Argento.

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