Nuseir Yassin (Nas Daily) is an Israeli video blogger, mostly famous for creating 1,000 daily such Amazing 1-minute videos and blogs on Facebook. Nas share lots of knowledge from his video where daily millions of people watch. Also, the recent news said, “Nas Daily lose 18 million followers” for calling oppression to conflict.

We researched and found that it was just rumored to create a shock value. Also, can we know enough about him? So, here we provide you the details regarding his net worth, relationship, family, and many more.

Is Nas Daily in Relationship? Who is his Girlfriend?

Nuseir is currently enjoying his relation life with Alyne. They are staying together for nearly a year. In 2020, Feb 20, Nas upload a video saying, “My Journey with Alyne.” After a video, their fans are pleased to see them together and joy. Nas said they are always an annoying person and sometimes they fight too. Also, they broke up twice in the last month.

Nas Daily with his Girlfriend Alyne
Nas Daily with his girlfriend Alyne
Source: Independent Singapore

In 2017, Nas saw a comment in his video of Alyne saying, “Hey I saw your video it would be fun to hang out and talk and explore” after the comment, Nas can’t stop himself from replying to her comment. He said, “I love the way she wrote,” and I replied. They both met each other, and Nas is the one who fell in love with her, but Alyne thought he was just a friend. Also, read about llsa Watkins’s family, net worth, relationships, and many more.

Nas taking her date after date, and In 2018, they are officially together. But, in a few months, they realized that they aren’t mint for each other. They broke up but again, after a few months, they were together, and Nas and Alyne improved their habits instead of breaking up. However, there are rumors that they aren’t together now, but we research and find they are still dating.

How Much Is Nas Daily Net Worth?

The handsome hunk, with 38 million followers in whole over the internet, holds a net worth of around $2 million, similar to Terell Fletcher. He earns all these wages from his own career. Nas is a hardworking person and gives his best for his work; seeing his work towards Youtube and Facebook all the platforms he is worth it.

A precious smile of talented Blogger
A precious smile of talented Blogger
Source: CNA Lifestyle

Before he rose to fame on Facebook, Nas worked at Venmo in New York as a software engineer. He quit his job making $100,000 a year and started making videos on YouTube and Facebook. 5’7″tall blogger started his own Russian media company out of Nairobi, saw one of his early videos, and offered to pay him to create content.

They paid him $3000 a month to do this and also helped him to continue traveling. On an average month currently, he makes around $80,000. Half of the revenues come from Facebook and YouTube ads. His Youtube channel has around 2.62 million subscribers. So a blogger earns from YouTube monthly $7k-$200k and yearly $152k-$2.4m. Hence, he is living a lavish lifestyle.

More about the talented Blogger

Nas Daily was born on 9 February 1992 in Arraba, Israel. He is from a Muslim-Arab family of Palestinian descent. Further, Nas was a talented person since a child. Moreover, after finishing High school, Yassin applied for the Harvard University at the age of 19, seeking a degree in aerospace engineering, and received a scholarship.

Nas exploring the world
Nas exploring the world
Source: The jakartaspot

Also, talking about his family Nas’s mother is a teacher and his father is a psychologist. So, here we can predict that he is from an educated family. But, the blogger hasn’t revealed his family and siblings’ names. It seems like he doesn’t want any media highlight regarding his family members. Similar to Thailand native model Faii Orapun who keeps her personal life secret.

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