People struggle their entire life to be famous, but Nathaneal Spader is the lucky boy. He became famous at a young age. Spader claims his popularity from his father. His father is a famous American actor, James Spader.

Has the young boy started his career? Will he choose the same path as his father? Is he the only son of James Spader? There are so many unanswered questions that people want to know. Well, then, let’s get you started with all the information that we could dig into here in this article.

How old is Nathaneal Spader? Age and Bio

Nathaneal Spader is the youngest child in the Spader family. Further, he was born on August 31, 2008, in LA, California. James Spader and Leslie Stefansson are the parents of young Nathaneal.

Nathaneal Spader with his family coming from the airport.
Nathaneal and his parents are coming from the airport.
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This August, the young boy will celebrate his fourteen birthday. Moreover, Caucasians are his family roots who have the Virgo sun sign. Also, Spader is an American who follows Christianity.

His height and weight are yet to obtain as the young boy grows. However, he has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is the half-brother of Sebastian and Elijah Spader from his father’s first marriage. Spader might be attending a medium-level school whose names are not given.

Nathaneal’s parents (James Spader) have been together for two decades

Nathaneal’s parents, James and Leslie, have been together for two decades. They have known each other since 2002.

During that time, he was married to his first wife. However, they had a feeling inside. Later, James filed for divorce, and since then, both of them have stuck to each other side. They also have not linked to any rumors to date.

James and Leslie Stefanson, parents of Nathaneal Spader.
James and Leslie Stefanson.
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His father is a celebrated actor, and his mother, Leslie, is a former actor known for portraying the roles in Alien Hunter and The General’s Daughter. She is now a sculpting architect working in LA and New York.

Before his father met his mother, James married Victoria Kheel Spader (Set designer), which lasted from 1987 to 2004. From that marriage, James has two children. James’s busy work schedule formed a mutual difference, which later converted into a divorce.

Spader’s father is a famous Hollywood actor who has won three Emmy awards consecutively.

On February 7, 1960, James Spader was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Jean and Stoddard Greenwood Spader. He is an eleventh-standard dropout who used to be a yoga teacher before joining the entertainment industry.

James Spader.
James Spader.
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From the 1980s to date, he is still active in the industry giving forty years of his acting career and entertaining fans. He prefers to be called Jimmy as his nickname. James is often seen on the screen playing spoiled brats and sneaky villains.

The TV series The Practice and Boston Legal, which are from 1997 to 2004, landed him the Prime Time Emmy awards for portraying the role of Alan Shore. Besides, he has won Golden Globe awards, several Star Guild awards, and Cannes film festival awards.

Nathaneal Spader’s half-brothers have followed their father’s footsteps

Sebastian and Elijah have followed in their father’s footsteps and started their careers in the entertainment industry. Except both have joined the industry as a producer and sound technicians.

Young photo of James Spader.
James Spader when he was young.
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Sebastian is working as a producer and director. Sebastian has produced more than nine short films and TV series in the thirty-three years. His most notable works are Machete, Slice, and 1234: A romance study.

Similarly, Elijah has started working as a sound technician in the industry. The thirty-year Elijah has by far worked in five Tv series and films. He is mostly known as the sound department crew in Insecure, The Blacklist, At Night Comes Wolves, etc.

How much net worth does the young boy hold?

Nathaneal is young to start his career. He is a middle school student whose current focus is his studies. So, he entirely depends on his father for financial support. Also, James has kept his youngest son far from the media spotlight and is not active on any social media sites.

The Spader family walking in the streets of New York City.
The Spader family is on a walk in the streets of New York City.
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On the other hand, his father is a multimillionaire who has earned a massive fortune. James mostly made his wealth from acting in more than fifty films and television series. As of now, James’s net worth is $30 million. The sixty-three-year-old actor now charges $300,000 per episode played.

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