Nayvi Caiann Robinson is the daughter of Former American professional basketball player Nate Robinson. In 2010 Robinson’s father, Nate was NBA’s first three-time slam dunk champion. Nayvi is well known for being the daughter of professional NBA Basketball player Nate Robinson.

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Early Life Of Nayvi Caiann Robinson

Robinson was born on September 18, 2009, in Seattle, Washington, United States. Robinson’s father’s name is Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson, and her mother’s name is Sheena Felitz. Whereas, Nayvi is currently in her early adolescence and enjoying her life and doing school work. She has three brothers, Ny’ale Robinson, Nahmier Robinson, and Nasir Robinson.

Navyi Robinson With Her Siblings
Nayvi Robinson With Her Siblings
Source: Instagram@nayvi2_blue

From an early age, Robinson had no financial crises or challenging moments, as her father was wealthy enough. Young Nayvi had a good and positive childhood, as all of her basic needs were fulfilled by her father. Therefore currently, she is making good memories with her father and attending school life.

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Whereas, when Robinson was born, her father Nate tweeted, “My Lil girl is 2 days old her name is Nayvi Caiann Robinson thanks 4 all the congratz tweeps that means a lot to my God bless u all!!!” Nate Robinson’s tweet shows that he loves his daughter very much.

Nayvi Robinson’s Brothers Are Also Athletes

As mentioned above, the 13-years-old Nayvi has three siblings; two are elders, and one is younger than her. The two Robinson brothers, Nahmier Robinson and Nyale Robinson are also involved in sports, working hard to pursue a better basketball career like their father, Nate.

The 18 aged Nahmier is studying at Skyline High School, Sammamish, Washington. The 5-feet-9-inch (175 cm) tall Nahmier is also a jersey number 11 player for Skyline’s men’s basketball team. Similarly, he gets offered by Portland State University, as mentioned by 247 Sports. The teenage boy is also famous on Instagram and has amassed over 100 thousand followers.

Nate Robinson's son Nahmier Robinson and Nyale Robinson also plays basketball for their high school's basketball team
Nate Robinson’s son Nahmier Robinson and Nyale Robinson also plays basketball for their high school’s basketball team.
Source: Instagram @ny2fast

On the other hand, Nyale, 16, studies at Rainier Beach High School, Seattle, Washington, and plays for their basketball team. He has 33.3 thousand Instagram followers, where he uploads pictures of his family and related to basketball.

Net Worth Of Nayvi Caiann Robinson

As Nayvi is only in her young adolescence age, she doesn’t do any payable jobs, so, currently, Nayvi has no exact net worth, whereas her father, Nate, has an estimated net worth of around $9 million. Before Nate’s retirement, he had an estimated net worth of $30 million when he was in his prime.

Nayvi’s father was able to cover much of his net value from his basketball career. Nate Robinson dedicated his 11 years to NBA after playing College basketball at the University of Washington and then being selected in the 2005’s NBA draft. Navy’s father also got many sponsorship offers after being famous as an NBA player.

Nayvi Caiann Robinson’s Father Fought Internet Personality Jake Paul

In 2020, Nayvi’s father, Nate Robinson, accepted to fight Internet Personality, Jake Paul. During the day of medicals and press conference, Nate said he has been training six days a week and twice a day. Former NBA Star Nate was fighting in the Cruiserweight category against Jake Paul.

Live Conference Between Jake Paul And Nate Robinson
Live Conference Between Jake Paul And Nate Robinson
Source: Bloody Elbow

In the conference, Former NBA player Nate Robinson said he wants to prove to the world that he is the best athlete ever. Former NBA player Nate’s opponent Jake paul says, “Nate’s Kids, if your watching this, then please don’t watch the fight! I don’t wanna embarrass your father in front of you.” Nate seemed confident and said that Jake Paul and his Brother Logan Paul have never fought real athletes.

Nate Robinson With His Opponent Jake Paul On the Left
Nate Robinson With His Opponent Jake Paul On the Left
Source: DraftKings Nation

If you are a fan of Nayvi’s father, Nate or Jake Paul, you may have watched the fight. On the fight day, Nayvi’s Father gets knocked out brutally in the second round. Although Nate seemed confident, he could barely last the first round against Pro boxer Jake Paul.

Nayvi Caiann Robinson Is On Social Media Too

Sports Personality’s daughter Nayvi is available on social media as well. Currently, Robinson is only on Instagram @nayvi2_blue.

Former NBA Star Nate’s daughter Nayvi has followers above 8,500 on her official Instagram handle. Robinson normally posts her basketball game clips on her stories and her outing with her friends.

Is Nayvi Caiann Robinson a Pro Basketball Player Too?

If you follow Robinson on her Instagram, you have probably seen her post her excellent basketball point scores. As Robinson’s father was a pro NBA Player, her father, Nate Robinson, taught her outstanding skills and techniques.

Nayvi Robinson showing her basketball moves as she is following her father Nate Robinson’s footsteps
Source: Instagram @naterobinson

Although Young Nayvi shows her skills and scores, she still needs more practice to be a pro basketball player like her father. Young Nayvi is also getting coached by her father, who has 11 years of experience in the NBA.

Nayvi Caiann Robinson’s Father Battling With Kidney Failure

In an interview posted by Playmaker HQ’s Youtube Channel, Nayvi’s Father reveals his kidney failure. When Robinson’s father, Nate, was in his prime playing for the Knicks in 2006, his doctor Lisa Callahan said that his blood pressure was pretty high. Therefore, doing some medical tests in the hospital, it was found that the kidneys of the NBA’s first three-time slam dunk champion were failing.

Video: Nate Robinson speaks up regarding his kidney failure journey

“They told me my kidneys are failing” NBA Legend Nate Robinson shares his REAL journey

Whereas the former NBA player was told that he couldn’t play if his pressure were high, doctors revealed that his kidneys would stop working in the late ’30s. When he was having a hard time dealing with the pain, Nate remembered his university football coach’s saying. Nate Robinson’s coach said that “Tough times never last, Tough people do.

We, too, pray for the good and sound health of Nate Robinson and his family. We also hope that his daughter Nayvi learns from her father’s struggle and becomes a successful player in the future.

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