Nicole Taffer is best known as the second wife of Jon Taffer, a well-known television personality, entrepreneur, and the host of the reality TV show “Bar Rescue.” She occasionally appears alongside her husband on the show.

Beyond the TV screen, Nicole is strong and steady, supporting Jon in their shared adventures. She’s like the calm in the storm of bar makeovers.

Through this article, we’ll explore more about Nicole Taffer, uncovering what makes her special beyond the flashy lights of reality TV.

How Old Is Nicole Taffer? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Nicole Taffer was born on February 16, 1973, in Chicago. She is 50 years old as of 2024.

The celebrity wife was raised alongside her sister by their parents. Despite spending her childhood under their care, details about her family remain scarce. However, the details of her education are not known to the public.

Marriage Details of Jon Taffer and His Wife Nicole Taffer

Nicole Taffer is happily married to the dashing Jon Taffer, a famous American entrepreneur and reality TV star. They exchanged vows on April 4, 2000, in a cozy ceremony held in Nicole’s hometown.

Nicole Taffer and Jon Taffer have been married for over two decades.
Nicole Taffer and Jon Taffer have been married for over two decades. Source: Instagram/@nicoletaffer

Their love story began during Super Bowl XXX, where Jon was smitten with Nicole at first sight. While their dating history remains a mystery, their strong bond shines through their enduring marriage.

Their wedding, attended by a select few, marked the start of their beautiful journey together.

Do They Have Any Kids Together?

Nicole Taffer and her husband Jon don’t have children. However, Nicole shares a close bond with her stepdaughter, Samantha Taffer.

Samantha is married to Cody Hanley. Likewise, Nicole shared a heartwarming photo of them on their wedding day, September 13, 2015, extending her wishes for a joyful and enduring marriage.

Samantha and Cody became parents on May 21, 2019, welcoming their first child, a baby boy named Rhett Hanley. Despite not having biological children, Nicole finds joy and fulfillment in her relationship with Samantha and her growing family.

Husband, Jon Taffer

Nicole Taffer’s husband, Jonathan Peter Taffer, born November 7, 1954, is a renowned American entrepreneur and television personality. He is best known for his work on the hit TV series “Bar Rescue.”

Jon Taffer with his second wife Nicole Taffer.
Jon Taffer with his second wife Nicole Taffer. Source: Instagram/@nicoletaffer

Similarly, Jon has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry. He has also been involved in TV series such as “Gym Rescue” and “Marriage Rescue.” In addition to his television career, Jon is a successful businessman with numerous accomplishments to his name.

Jon’s IMDb page features his notable credits as a director and includes details about his biography, awards, nominations, and personal information.

Net Worth Details

Nicole Taffer, known for her TV roles and business ventures, has earned a good amount of money from both. Her exact monthly salary isn’t readily available.

Likewise, her net worth is estimated to be $1 million, the same as Hannah Bagshawe and Devon Hales.

Alongside her husband Jon Taffer, who’s also wealthy, they likely live in a luxurious house, enjoying the rewards of their hard work and success.

What Is Jon Taffer’s Net Worth?

Jon Taffer, according to Celebrity Net Worth, has a net worth of $14 million.

Jon played a pivotal role in conceiving the NFL Sunday Ticket paid programming package and served as the president of the Nightclub and Bar Media Group starting in 2010. His acclaimed reality TV series, “Bar Rescue,” debuted in July 2011.

Jon is also a published author, with notable books such as “Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions” (2013), “Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself!: Crush the Excuses That Are Holding You Back” (2018), and “The Power of Conflict: Speak Your Mind and Get the Results You Want” (2022).

Nicole Taffer in “Bar Rescue”

Nicole Taffer, together with her husband Jon Taffer, was an important part of the popular American reality TV series called “Bar Rescue.” Directed by Neal Gallagher, the show was loved by many for its interesting storylines.

In “Bar Rescue,” Jon wasn’t pretending to be British chef Gordon Ramsay but was himself, using his vast knowledge of bars and hospitality to help struggling ones. Nicole often joined him, showing their teamwork in turning these struggling bars into successful businesses.

The show’s main focus was on Jon’s efforts to rescue these failing bars by making smart changes. It has eight seasons and 232 episodes.

“Bar Rescue” ended on September 13, 2020, after its final episode aired. But its impact on both the bar industry and its fans remained strong, thanks to Jon and Nicole’s efforts.

She Is Active on Social Media

Nicole Taffer maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, primarily Instagram and Twitter. On Facebook, she has over 2.5k followers but is less active. Her Instagram handle, @nicoletaffer, boasts more than 11.5k followers.

Similarly, Nicole is active on Twitter with the username @NicoleTaffer, where she has garnered over 22.5k followers.

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