Beyond the realms of script and screen, Elizabeth Lail, the enchanting American actress, has discovered her own personal narrative intertwined with the soul of her beloved, Nieku Manshadi. As she has mesmerized audiences with her performances in popular television series like ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Dead of Summer,’ Elizabeth’s private life has remained shrouded in mystery.

Yet, in a delightful twist of fate, Elizabeth Lail has embarked on an extraordinary love affair with Nieku. Now, as their shared tale unfurls, fans eagerly yearn to uncover the enigma who has bewitched Elizabeth’s heart.

Join us on a mesmerizing journey as we delve into the ethereal realm of Elizabeth Lail’s husband, unearthing the enchantment that pervades their sacred union.

Early Life and Family Background

Nieku Manshadi hails from an Iranian background, with his parents Mojgan and Farzin Manshadi originating from Tehran. He was born in America in 1982 and celebrates his birthday on March 27.

Nieku is the youngest of four siblings and practices the Baha’i faith. While his father is a businessman, his mother is a housewife. It is worth noting that Nieku’s sister, Leila Manshadi, is also a doctor. She is an associate dentist for Dr. Robert F Murray.

Besides, nothing much is public about the husband of Elizabeth. Unlike his popularity as a celebrity husband, Nieku has been living away from public scrutiny.

Meet Nieku Manshadi: Elizabeth Lail’s Accomplished Dentist Husband

Elizabeth Lail’s husband, Nieku, is an Iranian American dentist who holds a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. He is certified by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and specializes in treating children, including those with special needs.

Elizabeth Lail's husband, Nieku Manshadi, is an Iranian American dentist.
Elizabeth Lail’s husband, Nieku Manshadi, is an Iranian American dentist. Source: Linkedin

As the co-founder and clinical director of OrthoDent in Denton, Texas, Nieku provides comprehensive dental care and guidance on oral hygiene practices for children, such as brushing, flossing, and maintaining healthy gums.

Elizabeth Lail and Her Husband First Meeting

Nieku and Elizabeth Lail’s love story began in a serendipitous encounter through a mutual friend. It was at a party in Williamsburg, Virginia, where their paths crossed, and they caught each other’s eyes. While the exact details of their early relationship remain undisclosed, reports indicate that they first met in September 2015.

Fast forward to the year 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Nieku decided to take their relationship to the next level. In the picturesque setting of Montauk, New York, in August, he proposed to Elizabeth with a meaningful gesture: her grandmother’s ring.

Their engagement marked a joyous milestone in their journey together, setting the stage for their future as husband and wife.

Nieku Manshadi and Elizabeth Lail’s Intimate Wedding

Nieku Manshadi and Elizabeth Lail exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony held in April 2021 at Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge, New York. Coincidentally, this location also held significance as it was where the couple had celebrated their first anniversary together.

Hasbrouck House, an 18th-century mansion, provided an enchanting backdrop for their special day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the guest list was limited to approximately 22 individuals, all of whom had been vaccinated.

Nieku Manshadi and Elizabeth Lail exchanged vows in an Intimate Wedding.
Nieku Manshadi and Elizabeth Lail exchanged vows in an Intimate Wedding. Source: Brides Magazine

Although the couple initially considered postponing their nuptials, they decided to proceed with a more intimate celebration. The exclusivity of being the only wedding party on the property allowed them to create their own bubble of joy and tranquility.

The Blacklist alum’s known for her role as Guinevere Beck in “You,” described the day as feeling like an unfolding surprise party.

Nieku and Elizabeth opted for a weekend ceremony outside the city, choosing a destination that held personal significance to their love story. The couple embraced a vision that felt true and authentic to them, allowing their wedding planning to flow organically.

Elizabeth collaborated with UK-based designer Andrea Hawkes for her dress, while the jewelry, gifted by Nieku’s mother, came from Tiffany and Co. Nieku complemented the occasion with a dark navy suit from Freedmans Sporting Club, paired with a bow tie and Oxford dress shoes, completing his dashing groom look.

Elizabeth Lail and Nieku Manshadi’s Impressive Net Worth

Elizabeth Lail, the accomplished actress known for her roles in series such as “Once Upon a Time” and “You,” has amassed a significant net worth throughout her career. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is around $3 million. While she had prior camera experience before her breakthrough role in “You,” it was the success of the Netflix thriller that propelled her to mainstream popularity, contributing to her financial success.

Nieku, Elizabeth Lail’s husband, has a separate source of wealth. As a dentist, he has built his own fortune. His estimated net worth as of 2023 is approximately $1.5 million.

Unlike Lail, Manshadi’s primary income comes from his successful career in dentistry. He earns an annual income ranging from $130,000 to $370,000 as a dentist, reflecting his expertise and dedication in the field.

Elizabeth Lail’s Engagements Since ‘You’

Elizabeth Lail, the talented actress known for her role in the popular series “You” alongside Penn Badgley, has been actively pursuing a diverse range of projects since leaving the show. While she may not have attained the same level of fame as her breakout role, Lail has continued to make appearances in noteworthy productions, albeit in minor roles.

Following her time on “You,” Lail portrayed the character of Quinn Harris, a hospital nurse, in the 2019 supernatural horror film “Countdown.” Despite mixed critical reviews, the movie proved to be a financial success, grossing $48 million worldwide against a modest budget of $6.5 million.

Elizabeth Lail at the premiere of "Mack and Rita."
Elizabeth Lail at the premiere of “Mack and Rita.” Source: Instagram @elizabethlail

In 2021, Lail secured a recurring role as Lola Morgan in the highly anticipated HBO drama series “Gossip Girl.” Additionally, she landed the lead role in the NBC drama series “Ordinary Joe,” written by acclaimed screenwriter Matt Reeves.

Lail’s recent endeavors include her involvement in Katie Aselton’s comedy-drama film “Mack and Rita,” alongside esteemed actors such as Diane Keaton and Taylour Paige. In 2022, Lail also lent her voice to the sketch comedy TV series “Robot Chicken.”

Looking ahead, Elizabeth Lail came back with an exciting project, as she has been in the highly anticipated film adaptation of “Five Nights at Freddy’s.” With her diverse range of roles and upcoming ventures, Lail continues to captivate audiences with her talent and versatility.

Nieku Is Not Active On Social Media

Nieku Manshadi, the husband of Elizabeth Lail, appears to be detached from social media platforms. Unlike his wife, who actively maintains accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Nieku does not seem to have a presence on these platforms.

Nieku Manshadi, the husband of Elizabeth Lail.
Nieku Manshadi, the husband of Elizabeth Lail. Source: Pinterest

Additionally, Nieku rarely makes appearances on Elizabeth’s social media posts. It seems that Nieku may prefer to keep a low profile and is not inclined towards engaging in the public realm like his wife, who is a performer.

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