Olivia Dejonge is an Australian actress born on 30 April 1998. She was born in Melbourne, Australia. The Visit movie actress is also engaged in social work and raising voices against racism and other similar topics.

Good Pretender movie actress is best known for her role in the movie Elvis as Priscilla. She also achieved a considerable fan base from her role in the Mystery Drama series The Society as Elle Tomkins.

About Olivia Dejonge Priscilla’s Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

The young actress Olivia Dejonge Priscilla is 5 feet 3 inches in height and 55Kg in weight. The actress has Blonde hair and Blue eyes that make her look fantastic. The Australian-born actress believes in Christianity as a religion.

The beautiful actress is of the Taurus Zodiac sign. As Taurus people are intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated, The actress is also present with such personalities. She is a beautiful young girl who loves to do a lot of adventurous acts.

Early Life Of Olivia Dejonge Priscilla

Olivia Dejonge Priscilla was born into a so-called middle-class family. When it came to raising their young daughter, Olivia’s parents did their best to make Olivia happy. All of Olivia’s necessary basic needs were fulfilled by her parents.

The Elvis actress moved from Melbourne, Victoria, to Perth, Western Australia, at age 5. Then, the actress spent the rest of her childhood in Peppermint Grove with her parents. The actress graduated from Presbyterian Ladies’ College in Perth, Melbourne, Australia.

Olivia Priscilla In Her Young Days.
Olivia Priscilla In Her Young Days.
Source: en.linkeddb.com

Net Worth Of Olivia Dejonge Priscilla

Olivia Dejonge currently has an estimated networth of $1 Million, Similar to Milly Alcock. Even though the Elvis movie actress has played in many movies, she only has a million net worth. The actress is just getting well noticed by fans, so we might get to see her playing in a lot of movies and series and having an increased networth.

Olivia Dejonge Priscilla Family

Olivia Dejonge Priscilla has four members in her family. Priscilla’s father’s name is Rob DeJonge, and he is a businessman. The Elvis movie actress’s mother’s name is Robyn DeJonge. The beautiful actress also has a brother, and his name is James Dejonge.

Olivia With Her Family Smiling At The Camera.
Olivia With Her Family Smiling At The Camera.
Source: News Unzip

James is working hard to be a well-known personality like his big sister Olivia, and maybe we might also get to see him in movies. Though there are only four members, the family is pleased.

Does Olivia Dejonge Priscilla Have A Tattoo On Her Bod

Dejonge does not have any tattoos on her body. The actress has a clean body and does not like to make any extra art on her body. Maybe the actress does not like any tattoos, or perhaps she is planning to do it in the future. But, The actress looks gorgeous with the skin she is present naturally.

Is Olivia Dejonge Priscilla A Dog Lover?

Priscilla loves dogs very much. The actress also owns a dog and calls it Buddy. The breed of dog Priscilla holds is Westland high terrier. Such a breed of dog is considered a family dog as they like to seek the attention of their owners and likes to play with them a lot.

Olivia On A Day Out With Her 
Friend And His Dog
Olivia On A Day Out With Her
Friend And His Dog
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Olivia Dejonge Priscilla In Elvis

Olivia said in an interview with Variety that she was amazed to see the movie even though she knew she was in it. She added that getting to play the role of Priscilla Presley was terrific for her.

Olivia DeJonge In The Character Of Priscilla Presley In The Movie Elvis
Olivia DeJonge In The Character Of Priscilla Presley In The Movie Elvis
Source: Youtube @K A C E Y M U S G R A V E S

The Elvis actress added in the interview with Variety that she practiced the actual recordings and interviews of real Priscilla Presley to make her character look real. She even said that she practiced it before going to sleep at night.

How Did Olivia Dejonge Priscilla Get The Role Of Priscilla Presley For The Movie Elvis?

An Australian actress was not called by the director or casting agent for this role. The actress had to make a self-audition tape of her for this role. She didn’t get any updates about her audition for a couple of months, but one day, when she was sitting dinner with her casting agent, they were having casual talks.

Then, when Olivia casually asked about a movie update and the agent thought to ask the director, a mail came to the agent who said Dejonge got the role for the movie Elvis.

Olivia With The Set Members Of The Movie Elvis
Olivia With The Set Members Of The Movie Elvis
Source: News Unzip

After reading the news, both of them were happy but didn’t scream with joy because they were in public, and they didn’t want the crowd to know that she got the role in the movie Elvis.

Has Olivia Dejonge Priscilla Ever Met The Real Priscilla Presley?

The fantastic actress Olivia Dejonge Priscilla has met Priscilla Presley in real life. She met Priscilla at the Met Gala, and she said that Priscilla was wearing Prada clothes and the whole crowd felt amazing to see her. She said It was a great honor for her to play the role of Elvis Presley’s wife, Priscilla Presley, in the same interview with Variety.

Olivia Dejonge Priscilla With Priscilla Presley On Met Gala
Olivia Dejonge Priscilla With Priscilla Presley On Met Gala
Source: Us Weekly

Is Olivia Dejonge Priscilla Single Or Married?

The Sisterhood of Night actress Olivia is currently single and not dating anyone. The actress is very private about her love life, so there is no exact proof of her dating.

After the release of the 2022 movie Elvis, there were rumors of Olivia dating the Elvis film star Austin Butler. These are only rumors and false claims about those celebrities dating. This is only a rumor about the movie stars dating, but it has not been claimed valid by the celebrity themself.

Though the fans want the rumor to be accurate, please stick with us for real confirmation and updates.

Is Olivia Dejonge Priscilla On Social Media?

Olivia Dejonge Priscilla is only active on her Instagram @olivia_dejonge, with a follower count of 418K. She is not active on other social sites. Maybe she will slowly get active on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but for now, she is only verified on her Instagram.

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