Peter Saint John, known professionally as Pete St John, was an Irish folk singer-songwriter. Saint is best known for composing “The Fields of Athenry.”

Saint John came in because of his beloved wife, Bozoma Saint John. John is an American businessperson and marketing executive who was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Netflix. Previously, she served as CMO at Endeavor and Chief Brand Officer (CBO) at Uber until June 2018.

The Early Life, Age, and Family Members of the Irish folk singer-songwriter, Peter Saint John

Saint John was born in Inchicore, Dublin, in 1932. Peter was educated at Synge Street CBS and trained as an electrician; he emigrated to Canada before returning to Ireland in the 1970s.

St John also composed several modern ballads, like “The Rare Ould Times” and “The Ferryman,” recorded by various artists, including The DublinersJames Last, and Paddy Reilly.

A photo of Peter Saint John with his small family, wife Bozoma Saint John, and his daughter Lael Saint John

Peter was born to his parents, George, and Joyce Saint John, and his siblings Debra, Michael, Stephen, David, and Neil in Worcester, Massachusetts. He was the youngest of six, part of a large and loving family of Saints. Moreover, Peter has a lovely and happy family.

Peter and Bozoma’s love was one for the ages and was tested by the birth and loss of their daughter Eve. After that, again, God blessed Peter and Bozoma with their daughter Lael, who was the light of his life. For Peter, being a father was his most cherished role.

Furthermore, as we know, he was born in Dublin to his father and mother. However, the famous songwriter keeps his personal life private. We hope that he will reveal more information about his family background.

About the famous Songwriter John’s wife, Bozoma saint

However, the famous American business keeps her personal life private. Her school and college are still unknown. She was very talented when she was in school.

According to some social media and websites, we found that Saint John cites her father as her biggest inspiration.

According to her educational background, the celebrity may be an educated woman. In 1999, Saint John graduated from Wesleyan University with an English and African-American Studies degree.

Education and Qualification

According to Saint’s educational background, the celebrity may be an educated woman. His school and college are still unknown. She was very talented when she was in school.

However through some online sources, the detail was found that John moved with his old folks to West Palm Beach, Florida. However, he enjoyed a childhood of little league and the canal in the backyard of his parent’s home until he left for college.

A photo of Peter Sant John with his beloved daughter Lael Saint John
Source:- Burkitt’s Lymphoma Society

While at college, Peter made many friends in the Alpha Sigma Phi Delta Nu fraternity at Lock Haven in PA. Later on, Peter graduated from American University in Washington, DC, majoring in political science.

After college, he embarked on an adventure of a lifetime after working on a fishing vessel in Alaska. With the role of a leader, Skipper Peter commanded his boat and kept his crew safe in one of the most challenging jobs while rocking his trademark Mohawk.
Moreover, However, the celebrity husband keeps her professional life private. We hope Peter will disclose his professional information in the upcoming days.

Peter Saint and his wife, Bozoma Saint John’s Net worth

As we know, Peter Saint died in 2013 because of his health condition. So what we can do is know about Saint’s wife’s net worth and her main source of income.

Peter Saint’s wife, Bozoma Saint John’s net worth and salary Bozoma Saint John is a Business Executive. The average Netflix CMO earns an estimated $185,631 annually. Netflix’s CMO compensation is $64,168 less than the U.S. average for a CMO. You may also love to read about Katie Collinsworth.

The Ankle entertainment business reporter Richard Rushfield noted that Saint John’s high salary (he pegged it at $4 million a year) has caused some folks in the video business to wonder.

She has amassed a massive fortune from her profession as a dancer and actress. Her excellent performance in the respective series has undoubtedly helped her increase her income.

Relationship of Saint John with Bozoma Saint

Peter Saint was a married man. Saint was married to Bozoma Saint John in 2013. Peter’s soul mate, Bozoma, agreed to be his bride exactly one year from when he charmed her on their first date. However, the other information about their wedding is not disclosed yet.

A photo of Peter Saint with his lovely partner Bozoma Saint
Source:- Facebook

Unfortunately, Peter died because of Burkitt lymphoma in 2013. They had a daughter together, Lael Saint John and Eve Saint John. After John’s husband’s death, she and Lael moved from New York City to Los Angeles, where she currently resides.

Let’s know more about Peter Saint and Bozoma Saint John.

Neither Bozoma Saint John, Uber’s first chief brand officer nor her husband, Peter, were strangers to cancer before Peter’s cancer diagnosis in 2013.

Indeed, both of their mothers had battled breast cancer. However, Peter’s cancer proved more aggressive. After a few months of unsuccessful treatment, he was given a few weeks to live.

Peter’s death was devastating to Bozoma and the couple’s then-4-year-old daughter, Lael. Yet, Bozoma says, her husband’s passing also gave them a gift: urgency.

Peter’s faith was central in his life. He regularly attended Mass and was a faithful servant throughout his life. Peter bore the symbols of the cross of Saint James, and it is considered the cross of a warrior, symbolizing taking up the sword in the name of Christ.

Without any doubt, the cross of Saint James helped Peter face cancer with courage and faith that inspired all who knew and loved him.

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