Being born to a well-known and celebrity family is the greatest blessing for star kids. Among numerous celebrity children, Djaeda Hall also caught wider media attention being the daughter of cinema and television actor Pooch Hall.

Djaeda, who celebrates her birthday on October 26, was born in 2006 to the American actor Pooch and his longtime wife, Linda Baptista Hall.

Mr. Hall is known for portraying Muhammad Ali in the biographical sports drama film Chuck. The actor won the NAACP Award nomination for Outstanding Actor for The Game, The CW comedy-drama series.

Being recognized as a celebrity daughter, Djaeda has been living in the limelight since childhood. Not only that, but she has also made appearances in major events with her parents that anybody dreamed of.

Here are some details you need to know about Pooch’s daughter Djaeda. Read the article to the end.

Is Djaeda Hall Dating Anyone? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Pooch’s second-born child Djaeda recently celebrated her 16th birthday. The Ray Donovan actor Pooch wished his daughter on Instagram, writing,

HappyBirthday to my baby @dj__aeda she turned #16 today there are not enough pictures that can capture my beautiful baby girl’s every beauty, talent, expression, emotion, and all-around heart.

The 18-years-old Pooch Hall's daughter Djaeda Hall is not dating anyone as of 2024
Image: The 18-years-old Pooch Hall’s daughter Djaeda Hall is not dating anyone as of 2024
Source: Instagram @dj_aeda

Hall added, “Slow down 21 can wait, lol. I don’t always get it right but just know I love you to the moon and back, and I can’t wait for you to show the world your star!!!

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Djaeda has recently joined the college as of 2024. She has not announced her present relationship status. But, it seems like the teenage girl is not dating anyone.

The celebrity daughter is more focused on her education rather than involving in romantic affairs.

Has An Specially Abled Sister

Djaeda has an elder sister Djanai Hall, born in March 1998. Her sister belongs to the specially-abled group, as she has Cerebral Palsy (CP), a disability caused by brain injury.

The CP warrior Djanai lives with her celebrity family and siblings enjoying every movement she faces. Also, being the victim since childhood, she has received enough care, treatment, and support from her family members.

 Djaeda Hall's eldest sister Djanai Hall is the victim of Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Photo: Djaeda Hall’s eldest sister Djanai Hall has Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Source: Instagram @lindabaptistahall

Djanai’s mother, Linda, has been involved in the CP awareness program. Inspired by Djanai, Linda has developed “adaptive products & creative event planning that are inclusive & accessible for those with different abilities.”

She is also involved in a non-profit organization, Inclusion Clubhouse, that “provides social, recreational & transitional activities & programs for Special Needs families.”

The disorder did not stop Djanai’s desire to learn and go to school. She graduated from Grant High School in 2016. She has become an inspirational source for differently abled people.

Djaeda Hall Has Two Younger Sons

Besides Djanai, Djaeda has two brothers who are younger than her. The Ray Donovan actor Pooch and Linda gave birth to their first son (third child), Djordan Hall, in April 2008.

Likewise, they became parents for the fourth time in December 2015, welcoming their son, Djulian Hall.

Djaeda Hall (left) with her parents Pooch Hall and Linda Hall, and siblings Djanai Hall, Djordan Hall, and Djulian Hall
Picture: Djaeda Hall (left) with her parents Pooch Hall and Linda Hall, and siblings Djanai Hall, Djordan Hall, and Djulian Hall
Source: Instagram @lindabaptistahall

It seems like Djaeda’s brother Djordan will not follow in their father Pooch’s footsteps. He is more into sports.

The 16-year-old Djordan studies at Heritage Christian School in grade 10 and plays for their boy’s football team. On the other hand, her youngest brother Djulian attends the 1st grade.

The Miracle Boys actor Pooch has been in a marital relationship with his wife Linda since November 28, 1997. The lovebirds exchanged wedding vows after dating for several months.

Pooch and Linda attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

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