Rainer Andreesen and Victor Garber

Victor Garber’s Husband Rainer Andreesen: A Closer Look at Their Low-Key Marriage

Meet Rainer Andreesen, Candian actor and model, best known as the husband of “Titanic” star Victor Garber. The 74-year-old star Victor has remained tight-lipped about his personal life. In 2013, he confirmed his homosexuality and revealed his enduring marriage with Rainer in 2015. Discover the illustrious career of acclaimed actor Victor Garber, known for his […]

Erika Cosby

Erika Cosby Meet Erika Cosby, the creative powerhouse and Instagram star with a big heart! She’s not just an American painter, but also a philanthropist and activist. Born in sunny Los Angeles in 1965, she comes from a talented family with her dad being the famous comedian Bill Cosby and her mom, Camille Cosby, being […]