David Smith

David Smith was an American abstract expressionist sculptor and painter who created large steel abstract geometric sculptures. His full name is Roland David Smith. On March 9, 1906, he was born to his father and mother. David was born and raised in Decatur, Indiana. Unfortunately, When he was 59 years old, he died in a car crash near Bennington, Vermont, on May 23, 1965. […]

Emma Kathleen Ferrer

One popular talent from Instagram and a genuine artist with a brush, Emma Kathleen Hepburn Ferrer, is a painter from Switzerland, Europe. Furthermore, her wacky and mesmerizing arts have amassed a large following on social media. Recently, the model made headlines, flaunting a shaved look and rumored relationships. The articles explore the career and trivia […]

Jan Schiltmeijer

Jan Schiltmeijer is an art director and painter. He started his career as a full-time painter in 2004 and has now got fame in the New York City art scene. In addition, Jan launched a website where his beautiful celebrity portrait paintings works are showcased. His paintings include Walter White from Breaking Bad, Marilyn Monroe, […]