Quintessa Swindell is a television and film actress from the United States. The public mostly remembered her role as Tabitha Foster in Trinkets’s Netflix teen drama series. The series premiered on June 14, 2019.

Swindell, the actress from Netflix’s teen drama Trinkets, was born on February 8, 1997, in New York, United States of America. Trinkets season 2 launched on August 25, 2020.

Swindell Early Life, Education And Family

Swindell is a non-binary woman born in Virginia on February 7, 1997. She grew up in a single-parent family with their father. She became interested in entertainment after their father purchased a little television.

Quintessa decided to pursue acting as a profession. After completing their high school education, she enrolled in Marymount Manhattan College’s BFA program to major in acting.

Tabitha Foster’s Portrayal Relationship Status: Boyfriend

Quintessa has a boyfriend with whom she is in a romantic relationship. She is currently dating a mysterious man, but she has yet to share his name or what he does.

From 2016 onwards, the couple began dating. Furthermore, the lovers are savoring their precious time together and have formed a deep bond.

Quintessa Swindell and his handsome boyfriend out for a while
Quintessa Swindell and his handsome boyfriend out for a while
Photo Source: Instagram @q.uintessa

Furthermore, she frequently posts lovely photos of herself and her boyfriend on her Instagram account. Then, Aside from that, she enjoys photography and painting.

The actress also spends her leisure time traveling to new places or vacationing with her family and friends. Then, She is currently in the United States, where she has a romantic relationship with her lover.

Euphoria Actress, Quintessa Swindell’s Career

Quintessa began her theater profession in 2019 with the HBO teen drama series Euphoria. Additionally, they played Anna in the first episode of The Trial and Tribulation series, which aired on June 16, 2019.

Trinkets, a television series starring Swindell, was their breakthrough. Moreover, she rose to prominence after playing Tabitha Foster on Netflix’s Trinkets. It was a cisgender character they were portraying.

However, Tabitha Foster rose to notoriety after portraying Tabitha Foster in Netflix’s teen drama series Trinkets, based on Kristen Smith’s 2013 novel.

Swindell made his acting debut in the film Voyagers in 2021. They took on the role of Julie. Similarly, the film is about young people stationed in space and their multigenerational mission.

Voyagers’ Actress, Quintessa Swindell’s Net Worth

Successful actor earns enough money from their acting career to live comfortably. Furthermore, their roles in series like Europhia and Trinkets and films like Voyagers established them as the leading actors in the industry.

Quintessa Swindell is holding an academy award
Quintessa Swindell is holding an academy award
Photo Source: Instagram @q.uintessa

The 169-centimeter-tall actress has amassed a sizable fortune throughout her acting career. Her exact net worth, however, is unknown at this time. However, She has made a net worth of $300,000.

The Black Adam has a large following on Instagram, with over 281k followers. As a result, she may make roughly $1,500 for every article. With her family, she has a healthy and prosperous life.

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