Rebecca Hanssen is a Londo Based Scottish Actor. She is famous for her movies and tv shows like The Unfamiliar, A Christmas Carol, Enola Holmes, Tell it to the Bees and many more.

However, she started getting more fame from the movie called The Unfamiliar, where Rebecca played the role of Emma Cormack.

Can we know enough about Rebecca Hanssen? So here we provide you with the details of her net worth, relationship, family and more.

Is Rebecca Hanssen in a Relationship? Who is her Boyfriend?

If we go deep into her personal life, She is probably in a Relationship. An actress gets married in the last month of 2021. Her husband’s name is Luke Cutforth, and he is also a content creator.

The couple gets married on September 04, 2021. Where Rebecca posted a picture saying “1 Week.” She continually posted a picture saying how many weeks had passed since her marriage seemed beautiful.

Rebecca Hanssen and her husband in their wedding
Source: Instagram

Further, the couple hasn’t shared much about their relationship background, but as much as we know, they have been dating each other for so long. We researched a bit and found a piece of news where Luke said that he was the one who proposed to her first.

An actress recently posted pictures wishing a birthday to Luke where so many old pictures of them, so there is no doubt they knew each other from before. But the couple still has no children.

How much Net Worth does Rebecca Hassen have?

A gorgeous woman worked hard for her career where she holds a net worth of around $1.5 million, similar to Kinley Mochrie.

She earns all the wages from her own career like movies, tv-series, Advertisements and more. Even her movie name, The Unfamiliar, earn more than $135 million worldwide during the pandemic. No doubt an actress paid enough for her role.

Rebecca Hassen is living a rich life
Source: Instagram

Also, her salary isn’t revealed yet. But if we go through, the average income of an American actress is around $40,000, which is massive. No doubt Rebecca earns similar to that. Even though her Instagram has more than 5k followers, and her Instagram has more than 152k followers, the duo both get big sponsors from the big brands. An actress is still active in her profession, so maybe we can see her net worth grow in the upcoming days.

More About American Actress

Rebecca Hanssen was born on 27 February 1994 in the United States. Further, she hasn’t talked much about her early life. She has been interested in music since an actress was a kid. After finishing graduation, Rebecca decided to become an actress. She worked in Numerous Netflix movies and tv shows, even awarded too for her acting skills.

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