Robert Sarver is an American businessman and co-founder of Southwest Value Partners. Southwest is a real estate development company. He is the owner of the Phoenix Suns and R.C.D. Mallorca. He is a famous real-estate agent around the U.S.A. and many other countries. In 1983, Sarver became a certified public accountant.

Who Is Robert Sarver’s Wife?

Robert Sarver is in a marital relationship with Penny Sanders. Penny is a native of Kansas City and worked at the Prentice-Hall. The couple met in Scottsdale, Ariz., four years before they decided to tie the knot. They married each other in 1996. They have already spent 25 years of their life together.

Robert and Penny both caught feelings for each other; they gave a chance to their relationship and ended up married after falling in love deeply. She was working at Prentice-Hall when she met Sarver.

Robert Sarver with his wife, Penny Sanders
Robert Sarver with his wife, Penny Sanders.
Source: Daily Record

Robert and his wife own the basketball club Phoenix Suns. They always watch their match together, which has been many couples’ goals.

This wealthy couple has a powerful bond with each other. They gave birth to their first son Max in 1997. Robert and sanders gave birth to their second child Jake in 1999 and gave birth to their third son Zach Sarver in 2001. They live in Paradise Valley, Arizona, very happily.

Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver’s Net Worth

Robert Sarver has a net worth of $800 million as per celebritynetworth. He is an American sports team owner and businessman. The average income of the clubs per season is more than $2 billion, and a considerable amount of money is provided to the owner.

He owns many companies, such as Southwest Value Partners, a real estate developing company. He also owns another renowned football club R.C.D. Mallorca. Also Read: Melvin Gregg

Robert Sarver's Mansion
Robert Sarver’s Mansion.
Source: The Middletown Press

Robert owns many luxurious mansions and luxurious products. He spends most of his money on improving his business more and more. This millionaire guy has many things to offer but styles with simplicity in a very decent way. Sarver was also the founder of the National Bank of Arizona. He was really into making money and had a lot of ideas in his mind.

More About Robert Sarver

On October 31, 1961, Robert Sarver was born in Tucson, Arizona, U.S. His father was Jack Sarver, and his mother was Irene Sarver. Robert’s father died of heart disease in 1979 at age 58. Robert and his family struggled to fight heart disease of his dad. They lost a tremendous amount of money.

Robert Sarver Cheering His Team
Robert Sarver Cheering His Team
Source: Arizona Sports

Robert graduated from the University of Arizona. Robert earned his Bachelor’s degree in business in 1982. Due to his struggle in his teenage, he always wanted to be rich. Sarver struggled a lot to succeed.

At 23, he founded the National Bank of Arizona and served as president until its sale in 1994. That was his first step toward his success. Likewise, at age 16, he went to work for his father’s company, American Savings, and Loan.

Robert has grown his empire very huge. He owns much luxurious property. Robert has been an inspiration to the youth. Robert has turned his struggle into success and proved tit o the world.

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