Camila Homs is a regular woman as well as a celebrity wife. She rose to fame after marrying a famous professional footballer. Moreover, she hasn’t revealed anything about her personal life to the media.

Rodrigo De Paul is a professional footballer from Argentina. He also played for the La Liga club Atletico Madrid and the Argentina national squad. During the 2012–13 season, he again appeared in 19 games.

De Paul And Homs Married Life Timeline

Rodrigo De Paul and Camila Homs met while they were both in their fifties and were both teenagers. She raced in the lower-level races and didn’t hesitate to take him to Europe when the opportunity presented.

The couple’s first stop was Valencia, and then they went to Italy, where they resided for five years and married after a long time dating. Moreover, they are living a luxurious and happy married life together.

Rodrigo De Paul and Camila Homs and their child are having their time together and enjoying their vacation.
Photo Source: Instagram @camihoms

Paul and Homs relocated from Italy to Spain. She stated ‘Thank you Udine from the bottom of my heart for opening the doors in the best way and for providing me amazing individuals who will stay with me forever.’

In addition, Camila added, their family completed two kids and their puppy, and there were five of them. She will be at odds with her long-term boyfriend, and she maintains an active internet presence.

Rumors of Break Up Between Rodrigo And Camila

According to rumors, the relationship between Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs is said to be over. She responded on social media, which fed the version of what is separate.

Moreover, Homs confirmed that her husband was cheating on her. After they split up, she liked a photo with quotes on it. ‘It made me so easy that I doubted everything I had decided.’

Rodrigo De Paul and Camila Homs hugging and posing for a beautiful photo
Photo Source: Instagram @camihoms

Homs prefers to keep this battle private to avoid grief and public exposure. She will answer whatever questions they have, just not about her divorce.

De Paul’s New Relationship Status

Rodrigo and Tini Stoessel met and slowly began dating when he was still dating Camila. Homs was pregnant when she moved from Italy to Spain, and at that same moment, De Paul and Tini began to meet.

Homs’ ex-husband discovered Stoessel on Instagram via a mutual friend. They started following each other, and everything was quite courteous. She’s naive and innocent.

In November, Argentina’s football player arrived in Argentina to compete in a qualification match against Peru. When he returns to see his children, he attends a BBQ of common friends and meets face to face.

The couple spent time together, and it went smoothly. De Paul and Stoessel had a fantastic time and shared WhatsApp. Moreover, they continue their relationship in secret.

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