Romy Hero Johnson is one of the famous celebrity kids. She is best known as the daughter of the famous actor, Aaron Taylor Johnson and film director, Sam Taylor Johnson. Further, she was born on 18 January 2012 in London, England. Likewise, she is 8 years old as of 2021 and her birth sign is Capricorn.

Romy Hero Johnson’s Personal Life

Romy Hero Johnson is just 8 years old as of 2021. So, there is no chance of her being in a relationship or any kind of romantic thing. Instead, she is growing up to be a wonder woman and learning things from her parents. Probably, she might be attending an elementary school as of now.

Aaron carrying his daughter, Romy Hero Johnson
Aaron carrying his daughter, Romy Hero Johnson
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Being born to a celebrity couple, she got into the limelight right after her birth. Besides, Romy is growing up along with her two half-siblings, Angelica Jopling and Jessie Phoenix Jopling. Likewise, she has an older biological sister, Wylda Rae Johnson as well.

Romy Hero Johnson’s Parents, Aaron Taylor Johnson, And Sam Taylor Johnson’s Marriage

Romy’s father, Aaron Taylor Johnson is a prominent English Actor who rose to fame after playing the title character in Kick-Ass and Pietro Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron. On the other hand, her mother, Sam Taylor Johnson is a talented British filmmaker as well as a photographer.

Well, she gained media attention and appraisal after directing Nowhere Boy in 2009. In fact, the film is about the childhood experiences of the Beatles songwriter and singer, John Lennon. Romy’s parents first met on the set of this film, back in 2009.

Romy Hero Johnson Parents. Sam and Aaron Johnson
Romy Hero Johnson Parents. Sam and Aaron Johnson
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Subsequently, they announced their engagement at the Nowhere Boy film’s premiere in October 2009. Later, the duo tied the knot of husband and wife on 21 June 2012. Further, their marriage ceremony was held at Babington House, Somerset, England with the presence of their close friends and relatives only.

Sam Taylor Johnson’s Previous Marriage

Through their marriage, the lovey-dovey couple also shares two beautiful daughters, Wylda Rae Johnson and Romy. Additionally, Sam also has two other kids from her previous relationship. Prior to her marriage with the Nowhere Boy star, she was in a marital relation with her ex-husband, Jay Joplist, an art dealer and gallerist.

Sam Taylor Johnson with her ex-husband Jay Jopling
Sam Taylor Johnson with her ex-husband Jay Jopling
Source: The Times

The ex-couple exchanged their wedding rings back in 1997. After that, they gave birth to two daughters, Jessie Phoenix Jopling and Angelica Jopling. Later in September 2008, she parted her ways with Jay and started dating Aaron.

Net Worth Of Romy Hero Johnson

Aaron’s daughter is too young to start earning for herself and even look for a job. As of 2021, she is just a common 8 years old kid who is living and growing up. So, Romy Hero Johnson’s net worth is null at the moment. However, she is living a life without facing any financial problems as her parents are extremely wealthy.

Her father, Aaron Taylor Johnson’s net worth is $16 Million as of 2021. The source of her father income is his successful career as an actor. To date, he has appeared in over 10+ Movies and 10+ Tv Series. Subsequently, her mother, Sam Taylor Johnson’s fortune is around $20 Million.

Sam earns all of this hefty sum of money from her multi-professional career, photography and film directing. Without a doubt, she will inherit her parents wealth in future as she is one of the heir to their properties.

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