The most famous Butcher on the Planet, Nusret Gökçe, widely known as Salt Bae, is a Turkish Chef. Furthermore, he became a global phenomenon with unique steak seasoning with salt. Currently, he has built a multimillion-dollar empire and open restaurants all over the world. In addition, the meat cutter has hosted megastars like Lionel Messi and Conor McGregor, Paul Pogba, and the late Maradona as his guests.

The article uncovers the secret to his meteoric rise to superstardom and explores early life and Career. Well, let’s celebrate the bizarre life of the Turkish wonder.

Is Salt Bae Married? How Many Children Does He Have?

The notorious life of the Turkish native holds many mysteries. Currently, his marital status is unknown. However, he has got in a fair share of relationships. Currently, the Twitter crush seems to be dating the Gorgeous Candy Denat. Carrying the image of a Lady’s man, he has attracted many beautiful suiters. However, he seems to be enjoying his life of bachelorhood and party animal.

Salt Bae's children
Salt Bae’s children.
Image Credit: @nusr_et

Believe it or not, Gökçe has fathered an impressive 9 children. He shared pictures of his offsprings on Instagram. The steak whisperer seems fond of his family, as his caption stated that the man who does not spend time with his family was not a real man. Currently busy with his larger-than-life, he has managed some time for his children and lovers.

Early Culinary Life

Being forced to abandon his studies, the son of a miner turned his misfortune into his greatest assets. Initially, he worked as a butcher’s apprentice during his teenage years. Later on, to enhance his crafts, he traveled the corners of the world, including exotic Argentina and the Big Apple. Finally, after years of hustle, the 38-year-old opened his restaurant in 2010.

Salt Bae early life.
Salt Bae early life.
Image Credit: @nusr_et

In the Initial days, he developed a unique way for cutting tender meats and steak, which was slowly picked up recognition. However, it seems the culinary gods choose a different destiny for Gökçe. Nobody could have foreseen his near future, as his world would get upside down.

The Salt Bae Meme Phenomenon

In January 2017, the world first got the first glance of Nusret after his videos went viral and became a meme. Initially, he uploaded a video where he cut a slice of meat and delicately sprinkled salt in a sassy way. As a result, the video gained a massive 10 million views on Instagram.

Salt Bae Emipre
Salt Bae Empire.
Image Credit: @nusr_et

Consequently, his suave salt handling skilled became the first part of his name, and the erotic cutting style became bae. The online community erupted as the Saltbae phenomenon picking up its steam. Furthermore, people were imitating the popular salt sprinkling technique. In a short period of time, Nusret garnered a god-like status, only achieved by a few.

How Rich Is The Turkish Butcher In 2021?

From a common butcher from turkey to a multimillion-dollar empire, Salt bae surely has enjoyed the lifestyle of a rockstar—currently, his networth amount to an impressive 60 Million USD. In addition, his Instagram charges over 100k USD per brand post. Furthermore, Socialblade cited his Youtube handle earns between $15-$2.9k on ad revenues. Furthermore, he owns numerous restaurants in high-profile locations, for instance, Los Angeles, Dallas, Gujrat, Barian, UAE, Dubai, and Istanbul.

Salt Bae's heli ride
Salt Bae’s helicopter ride.
Image Credit: @nusr_et

Recently, the social media phenomenon made headlines as he hovered over Dubai in the chopper and performed his famous salt pouring into the city. Why?, Because he can. The handsome hunk has traveled most of the world and has been photographed with numerous superstars. He relaxes in one of his many mansions, drives around supercars, and hangs out with supermodels in his spare time.

Adding to his incredible portfolio, he seems keen on fashion, as he has modeled for several magazines and even seen in fashion shows. Even his dressing sense flaunts high class and luxury. It is the world of Salt bae, and we are mere spectators.

Vegan Outrage And Copyright Suit

With Great power comes great responsibility, one of the greatest movie lines, recently applied to the 37-year-old as Vegan and Twitter fanatics were ignited over a post by Salt Bae. He shared a picture with several helpless buffaloes. Furthermore, the image was labeled horrifying, and more than 25k comments were writer against the Turkish star. In addition, the Vegan group shared the infamous image by stating that it glorifies Man’s arrogance.

Salt Bae's controversial picture
Salt Bae’s controversial picture.
Image Credit: @nusr_et

The Steak magician made another headline after fining a hefty 5 million lawsuit over his artwork. The legal incident took place after a New York artist used his image without proper authority. However, the artist named William Hicks explained his part as he got previously hired by Nusert to make his Mural but somehow transpired the legal mess.

What Is The Steak Price In His Restaurant?

Everyone wants the Salt Bae experience. In recent times, personalities like Soccer superstar Lionel Messi, Pogba, David Beckham, Sanjay Dutt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Mbappe, Neymar, and current world boxing champion Canelo Alvarez, have been hosted by the legend himself. Currently, he oversees his restaurant chains in Turkey and Dubai, which have garnered Instagram enthusiasts.

Salt Bae with Conor Mcgregor
Salt Bae with Conor Mcgregor.
Image Credit: @nusr_et

One of the biggest inquiries is about the famous steak, which will set you back from $200-$1000. Furthermore, the 24k gold plated steak has become an attraction for hefty payers, including the MMA Megastar, Conor McGregor after his fight with Dustin Poirier. Currently, he is planning to open a steak joint in Pakistan after successes in India, Bangladesh, Los Angeles, and New York.

Height And Appearance Of The Celebrity Chef

Coming from a humble background, he was born in the Coastal town of Erzurum, Turkey, on the 9th of August, 1983. Furthermore, he was born in an Islamic family to Faik Gökçe and Fatma Gökçe. He attended Faik Sahenk Ilkokulu but quit his academics to help his family’s finances. Moreover, he grew up with three siblings, Erman, Ugur, and Ozgur.

Salt Bae's Young Picture
Salt Bae’s Young Picture.
Image Credit: @nusr_et

Looking at his unique persona and incredible physique, he stands tall at 5 Feet and 6 Inches (1.68 Meters) and weighs around 65 Kilograms (143 lbs). Furthermore, he holds a Turkish Nationality and belongs to middle eastern background. Currently, he has reached the age of 37 years. The Instagram star was born with naturally black hair and piercing black eyes. Nevertheless, his Zodiac sign is Leo, signifying his unique personality.

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