Savannah Dexter is a multi-talented personality who is a famous American rapper, singer, lyricist, and model. She has given dozens of songs during her singing career, including FU2, Big Trucks, and Sinner like me.

Furthermore, you can learn detailed information about the singer from this article. The information about her early life, net worth, relationship status, and much other stuff is available, so read the article briefly by scrolling down further.

Savannah Dexter’s engagement with her future husband, Brabo Gator

Savannah Dexter got engaged to musical artist Brabo Gator in a live concert. Brabo, the CEO of MAKO MUSIC GROUP, proposes to Dexter in front of thousands of people, and Dexter gets shocked and later gets tears and says yes to Brabo’s proposal. Dexter also posted the live proposal video on her Instagram post, captioning, “I get to marry this man.”

Musical artist Kayleigh Swenson, also known as Viking Barbie, with 11.5 million followers on Instagram, commented “Awwwwww” on the post. The couple is having a good time together and posting beautiful pictures on social media.

Savannah Dexter is sharing a romantic relationship with Brabo Gator
Savannah Dexter, who was sharing a romantic relationship with Brabo Gator, got engaged to him in August 2022
Source: Instagram@savannahdextermusic

Dexter’s beloved Brabo Gator has about 106 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Many of Gator’s videos usually have over million views. Gator’s two bodies with his fiancee Dexter is his channel’s most-viewed music video. The lovebirds are also planning to marry soon.

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The songstress Savannah has already chosen her dream wedding gown from the Enchanted Bride Shop in Florida. They are soon to be a husband and wife, and their fans hope to see the wedding ceremony’s details.

Net Worth Of Savannah Dexter

2 Bodies singer Dexter has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand. Although Dexter didn’t have supportive parents, she made her name and fame from her career as a singer. The hard-working singer got a net worth through her music videos on youtube.

Savannah Dexter has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand
Savannah Dexter has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand
Source: Instagram @savannahdextermusic

Sinner Like Me singer Savannah Dexter may have her net worth multiplied in upcoming years as she gains popularity and makes new songs. The singer-songwriter Dexter is currently in her mid-20s, so she has enough time to become a successful singer and role model to many people.

The singer and songwriter also have her merch and have an official Instagram after the name @dexlvlofficial on her merch. You can find her merchandise with the name DEX LVL APPAREL, and its official website is also available. Likewise, her Instagram bio suggests that she is the CEO of Empowher Records, Inc.

How Often Is Savannah Dexter Active On Social Media?

The hard-working singer and songwriter Dexter is available on almost all well-known social media platforms. Dexter is on Twitter @savvvdexter with 8,874 Followers. Savannah is on Instagram, @savannahdextermusic, with about 137 thousand followers, and on Facebook, @savannah.dexter. She is frequently active on her Instagram and her Twitter.

Music artist Dexter may have her followers increased as she is in her mid-20s and active in singing. The artist is also famous for unique amazing looks and performs professional photoshoots. Likewise, the artist is involved in live concerts, so she has an excellent chance to claim followers from her shows.

Sad Early Life Of Savannah Dexter

In an interview with ChadArmesTV on youtube, Savannah revealed that her parents were never married and gave birth to her when they were around 18. The relationship between Dexter’s biological parents didn’t last long, and they split, not getting to experience a healthy childhood.

Dexter had a tough time from an early age due to the split between her parents. She lived with her father and his new wife during her early life. Dexter explained that the worse part of her early life was spending her early life with her father and stepmother.

The Anmerican singer Savannah Dexter had a pretty rough childhood
The American singer Savannah Dexter had a pretty rough childhood
Source: Instagram@savannahdextermusic

Furthermore, American singer dexter opened up and said that she didn’t like her stepmother. Dexter said that her stepmother would come and split her and her father’s hands if she was found holding them and aggressive and hostile at times.

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Dexter’s stepmother gave birth to two children by sharing the marital relationship with her father. However, the famous singer wasn’t happy with her relationship with the stepmother and only remembered her rough childhood.

Savannah Dexter also made a song about her sad childhood and titled it Sinderella. It is available on her Youtube Channel. The music video has been loved by the fans gaining massive youtube views and crossing over a million views.

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