The openly gay actor Scott Evans has been a member of the Hollywood Film Industry since 2008. Evans is popular for his recurring role as Oliver in the comedy TV series Grace and Frankie. His other movies and TV shows include One Life To Live, Daytime Divas, Before We Go and others.

Besides his professional career, Scott also makes recognition as the younger brother of an actor Chris Evans, Captain America. Scott has come out as gay since the age of 19. As of 2022, who is Scott Evans dating? Who is his partner? Know about the present and past relationship status of Scott.

Scott Evans Lives A Single Life

Scott Evans, 38, is neither a married man nor he is dating someone. The Grace and Frankie actor Scott lives a single life without having any romantic affair.

Image: Chris Evans (Captain America) ‘s younger brother Scott Evans (right) lives a single life as of early 2022
Source: Instagram @scottevansgram

The actor is more focused on his professional acting career, so he chooses to be single. Similarly, the actor might be searching for the right person to start his love life. Likewise, Scott shares a good bond with her family members and friends. With them, Evans never misses a chance to click and share pictures on his official Instagram account.

Scott Evans And Zach Volin Short Romantic Union

As mentioned above, Scott is openly gay. He was in a romantic relationship with Zach Volin. Zachary Jurjevich-Volin, aka Zach, is a graduate of Utah State University. As per Zach’s Linkedin profile, he works as manager, addressable strategy at the marketing and advertising company, Matterkind.

Photo: The Grace and Frankie actor Scott Evans started dating Zach Volin in 2018
Source: Instagram @scottevansgram

How and when Evans and Volin first met is unclear. But, as per the sources, Volin and Evans began their romantic relationship in 2018. Scott used to share pictures with Zach on his Instagram handle. On February 15, 2020, Scott shared a picture with Zach, wishing him on Valentine’s day saying,

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the only person I’ve spent 2 consecutive Valentine’s Days with. Love you the most.”

Everything was going fine; however, in April 2020, Scott and Zach ended their beautiful romantic bonding during the COVID-19 pandemic. Evans confirmed their separation during an interview with New Now Next.

Snap: Scott Evans and Zach Volin ended their romantic relationship in April 2020 after two years of dating
Source: Instagram @scottevansgram

Scott said, “We actually just broke up a few weeks ago, but it’s not a bad breakup. Nobody cheated, nobody hates each other. We’re at a point now where you tell people, and everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, the coronavirus is tearing relationships apart.” Even after the separation, Volin and Evans share a friendly relationship.

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