Shane Barakan, the name itself speaks a lot on its own. Barakan comes from an influencing family whose parents and grandparents were the popular artists of their time. John Edmund Andrew Philips, known as John Philips, is the granddad of Shane, a famous singer, songwriter, and lead vocalist of the band The Mamas and Papas.

Unlike most celebrities, Mackenzie likes to praise her son and often posts their pictures on her social media account. She seems to be happy and proud of her son’s achievements, although he has reached the same height of fame as his family possesses.

Is Shane Barakan’s mother Mackenzie Philips?

Shane Barakan’s mother is a famous American singer and actress, Mackenzie Philips. Furthermore, films like American Graffiti, where she played the role of Carol Morrison, became one of her iconic roles to remember by her fans. Her other most renowned series is So Weird.

Shane and his mum had  a dinner together.
Shane had dinner with his mum. Source: Instagram

Unfortunately, when there is high, people sometimes get a low time at some point in their lives. Such is the case of Mackenzie, and the cops arrested her for possession of cocaine in mid-1970. That’s not the only case that her fans were heartbroken; Mackenzie further gave a shocking revelation regarding her early life.

When she appeared in The Oprah Winfrey Show, she revealed that her father was the one for her drug addiction. When she was a small child, her father, John Philips, injected her with cocaine. She further revealed that her father raped her one day before her first wedding, which her father denied saying it was a consensual relationship.

After long, long years of battling with drug addiction and spending months in rehab, she finally relived her life as a new human being and again started acting. She was then seen in the Disney series So Weird.

How old is Shane Barakan?

Shane Barakan was born in 1987 in some places in the United States. So, he is an American and has white ethnicity. Mackenzie Philips and Shane Fontayne are the parents of Barakan. Currently, Barakan is 35 years.

Shane celebrated thanksgiving with his family.
Shane was celebrating Thanksgiving with his family. Source: Instagram

But, Shane is a private person living his life on his own. He does not enjoy the media popularity his mother receives. So far, he has refrained from the media sphere, so very little is known about him. The same is the case regarding his education. However, he is a well-educated person.

The celebrity kid is also as talented and gifted as his parents in singing. Although he has not openly come into media, his FB account, which he used a long time ago, has a limited post of Shane singing and did cover songs of famous music.

Is Barakan having an affair?

Given his private nature, it’s hard to know if the young man has an affair or had a past where he was involved with someone.

His mum has also never said anything about his love life. Maybe the young man is looking for someone or wants to focus on his career at the moment fully. On the other hand, his mother has married thrice in her life. Sadly, none of her marriages lasted forever.

Shane took a selfie with mum and aunt
Shane took a selfie with his mum and aunt.
Source: Instagram

She first married Jeff Sessler in 1979. At that time, Mackenzie was just 19 years. Their marriage could only last two years until 1981. Later, she married Shane Fontayne in 1986.

After a year, she gave birth to her only child Shane Barakan in 1987 with her second husband, Fontayne. Things did not go well between the two, and eventually, they ended their four-year marriage.

Despite this, they share a great friendship and look after their child together. Again in 2005, the singer married for the third time, Keith Levenson. This time he marriage was a success, and currently, she is living a blissful marital life with her husband, Keith.

How rich is the celebrity kid?

Shane has never spoken about anything related to his life. So, this is the case of his career. He is a gifted and talented singer who is yet to make a name in the music industry like his parents. At the moment, he might be busy working on it, and soon, fans may be able to listen and groove to his tunes.

mother and son cute moment captured together.
Cute selfie of mother and son.
Source: Instagram

Regarding his net worth, it’s unknown how much the celebrity kid possesses as his new worth. Given his parent’s fame and successful career, he surely lived a lavish life in his early days. Likewise, her mother is a successful woman in her career. She has accumulated a net worth of $3 million through singing and acting.

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