Born and raised in a family of actors and filmmakers, Shane Blanchard was inspired by his actress sisters in acting. Moreover, he rose to fame after starring together with his sisters in a three-minute short video in 2015 which soon went viral on Facebook and Twitter. 

Shane Blanchard Personal Life

The 13-years-old actor is currently busy with his studies and new projects. He is just two or three films old, but he already garnered massive popularity among audiences.

Shane Blanchard
Shane along with his sister, Rowan.
Source: Twitter

Shane is pretty close with his elder sisters; Rowan Blanchard and Carmen Blanchard who eventually become his acting inspiration. Other than that, he started his acting career with them and soon became an overnight sensation.

Family Background

Shane Blanchard was raised in California to yoga instructor parents. His parental grandfather was originally from Armenia and migrated from the Middle East to the USA during the purge of local Christians. That’s why Shane has the exotic look of middle-eastern people who are considered the most beautiful people in the world.

Shane’s sisters at the movie premiere.
Source: Twitter (@Shaneblanchard_)

On the other side, Blanchard’s paternal grandmother’s ancestors were from Denmark, England, and Sweden, so, he got mixed ethnicity. Besides, his family was always supportive of his acting career.

His Sister- Rowan Blanchard

Rowan is a 17-years old American actress known for her breakthrough performances in the Girl Meets World. In the short span of her career, she already garnered a huge fan base around the world. 

Shane Blanchard
The teen advocate and actress, Rowan.
Source: Elle

Besides acting, Shane’s eldest sister is also an acclaimed author, teen advocate, and social activist. Previously in 2016 talking to the leading online portal, Rowan stated, “she wanted to be a representative for her generation.”

Apart from that, the actress is also known for her fashion sense among audiences and has already become an idol to many young girls out there. It isn’t wrong to say; that her fashion game is always on point.

Shane Blanchard’s Fortune

Blanchard has a net worth of $100 thousand which he accumulated from his acting career. As a child artist, he earns $1,166-$3,403 weekly and $618-$1,037 for commercials. Similarly, he received $412-$720 for off-camera, but the highest-paid actors can earn up to $300,000 per episode.

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On the other side, his eldest sister, Rowan Blanchard has a net worth of $2 million and all thanks to her screen appearances. Likewise, she made $100,000-$300,000 as per the movie of budget.

Rise to Stardom

In 2015, Shane, along with his two siblings, starred in three minutes short video which soon reached audiences and made him overnight popular. Then he featured in A World Away, a fantasy film for children and teenagers which was directed by his father, Mark Blanchard-Bulbul.

Shane Blanchard
The rising star, Shane.
Source: skullcandylebanon

The success of A World Away brings a new height of fame to the Blanchard families. Afterwards, he became a sweetheart to American and international audiences.

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Rowan Blanchard Sister
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