In the world of entertainment, the name Hough is synonymous with dance and creativity, thanks to the dynamic duo of Julianne and Derek Hough. Yet, behind the spotlight, Sharee Hough, the elder sister of these famed siblings, has carved her own unique path.

From her beginnings as a flight attendant to her role as a dance teacher and fitness instructor, Sharee’s journey reflects a versatile talent and a commitment to diverse pursuits.

This article delves into the lesser-known but equally inspiring story of Sharee Hough, shedding light on her contributions and accomplishments beyond the family’s glittering fame.

How Old Is Sharee Hough? Her Age, Early Life

Born on July 22, 1977, in Sandy, Utah, Sharee Hough is best known as the elder sister of dance sensations Julianne and Derek Hough.

Growing up in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Sharee enjoyed a close-knit family, with her father, Bruce Robert Hough, being a notable figure in the Republican Party of Utah and the health supplement manufacturing industry.

Sharee’s roots in the world of fame run even deeper, as she shares familial connections with renowned musicians Riker, Rydel, Rocky, and Ross Lynch. These musical talents are her second cousins, with a shared maternal ancestry that ties them together.

Despite the glittering connections, Sharee’s personal journey took her from her hometown to Los Angeles after her marriage with her ex-husband.

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing around 55 kg, Sharee possesses an unmistakable charm. Moreover, her blue eyes and blonde hair contribute to her captivating appearance, making her a standout personality.


The bond between Sharee Hough and her siblings forms a vibrant tapestry of shared talents and close relationships. Alongside her sisters Julianne, Marabeth, Katherine, and brother Derek, they’ve been playfully dubbed the “Blonde Squad” by Derek, capturing their unity and camaraderie.

Being the eldest among her five siblings, Sharee has nurtured strong family ties rooted in a love for singing and dancing. The Hough siblings share a trademark blonde look, with Julianne and Marabeth often mistaken for twins due to their striking resemblance.

Sharee Hough with her siblings, mother, and grandmother.
Sharee Hough with her siblings, mother, and grandmother. Source: Instagram/@shareehoughselman

Each sibling has carved their own path in the world of arts and well-being. Marabeth is a songwriter and real estate professional.

Katherine, another talented member of the family, excels in singing and dancing. She manages a spa, embracing wellness as a career choice. Julianne, the most renowned sibling, boasts a multifaceted career as an actress, singer, songwriter, and dancer.

Her fame skyrocketed after winning two seasons of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Although her marriage to Brooks Laich ended in 2020, Julianne continues to shine.

Marriage and Divorce With Her Ex-Husband

In 1996, Sharee Hough embarked on a journey of love and commitment when she married Randall Wise. The details of their wedding remain a mystery, but what’s certain is that Sharee entered into matrimony driven by genuine affection. With her marriage, she transitioned to a new chapter of her life in Los Angeles.

Sharee and Randall weathered life’s highs and lows together, forming a united front. However, their union faced a test when Sharee’s parents decided to part ways, bringing an unexpected challenge into their lives.

Sharee Hough shares six children with her ex-husband.
Sharee Hough shares six children with her ex-husband. Source: Instagram/@shareehoughselman

Two years into their marriage, Sharee found herself shouldering the responsibility of caring for her ailing mother. Despite the added responsibilities, the couple persevered and continued to expand their family. They welcomed four daughters and two sons, creating a foundation for a content and joyful household.

Among the “Blonde squad,” as her family is affectionately known, Sharee’s marriage was a beacon of inspiration. Her insights were valued by her sister Julianne, who often sought relationship advice from her elder sibling.

However, fate took an unexpected turn. Sharee gained popularity for her three key tips for a successful marriage, but the irony lies in the fact that she herself deviated from these guidelines the following year. In 2016, after two decades of companionship, Sharee and Randall faced a heart-wrenching decision: to divorce. The reasons behind their separation have remained undisclosed to the public.

Did She Remarry? Who Is Her Husband?

Life has a way of surprising us, even in the wake of challenging moments. Just six months after the heartbreak of her divorce, Sharee Hough shared a picture that would mark the beginning of a new chapter in her life. This picture introduced Mark Selman, the new love who had entered her world.

Sharee Hough and her now husband.
Sharee Hough and her now husband. Source: Instagram/@shareehoughselman

Mark Selman, a resident of Raymond, Alberta, had completed his high school education in his hometown before venturing into higher education. He pursued studies at St. Louis University in Missouri, which led him to the United States, where he has made his home since then.

Currently employed at Tall Tree Administrators, Mark’s journey has been marked by academic pursuits and professional growth.

Mark’s previous romantic journey had seen him married in 2012, although the marriage ended relatively quickly for reasons undisclosed. Similarly, another “Dancing With Stars” Brandon Armstrong is currently engaged.

In 2017, Mark’s path intertwined with Sharee’s. Their connection deepened over time, eventually culminating in a significant milestone. On February 17, 2018, Mark took a leap of commitment by proposing to Sharee. The moment was captured beautifully when Sharee shared an image of a sparkling oval halo ring adorning her finger, accompanied by the heartwarming caption, “Finally, it happened.”

Their love story reached its pinnacle on September 25, 2018, as Sharee and Mark exchanged vows in a traditional Christian wedding ceremony. Today, Sharee Hough resides in Draper City, Utah, with her blended family.

She Is a Mother of Six Children

Sharee Hough’s journey through life has been deeply intertwined with her roles as a wife, mother, and family figure. From her marriage to Randall Wise, Sharee became a mother to a total of six children, each adding a unique layer of joy to her life.

Among them are Paris Hough, Skye Hough, Star Hough, Quaid Hough, and Bronson Hough. While the name of one daughter remains undisclosed, the love and unity within the family remain undeniable.

Quaid and Bronson, are currently in middle school, while Paris has already embarked on her educational journey, having graduated.

Sharee Hough’s Net Worth

Sharee Hough’s financial story is one of dynamic transitions and personal ventures. With an estimated net worth of $500,000, she has charted a path to financial stability through her diverse roles.

Her journey began as an air hostess, a profession that contributed significantly to her initial earnings. Over time, Sharee transitioned to becoming a fitness trainer and entrepreneur, showcasing her adaptability and determination to explore new horizons. This shift in focus also added to her financial portfolio.


Growing up in a family of professionally trained dancers, Sharee Hough’s parents influenced her siblings, Julianne and Derek, to pursue dance careers. However, Sharee charted her own unique path driven by her distinct interests.

Sharee’s career journey began as a flight attendant, a role she soon realized didn’t align with her preferences due to its demanding schedules. Also, know about another celebrity dancer Shura Baryshnikov career who also comes from a dancer lineage.

Determined to forge a path that resonated with her heart, Sharee embarked on a journey of self-discovery. A free-spirited woman, she found solace and vitality through physical fitness. Embracing her passion, she transitioned into the role of a body trainer. Notably, she even extended her guidance to her sister Julianne, helping her stay fit and healthy.

While her siblings may be more well-known, Sharee’s contributions to the fitness world are certainly notable. Beyond her classes, she has also taken on the role of an entrepreneur. She is the owner of, a venture that showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her own unique path.


If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of Sharee Hough’s lively and engaging life, her Instagram is the place to be. With a penchant for sharing her moments of joy, her account is a medley of party snapshots, friendly encounters, and cherished family times.

For those interested in her fitness journey, Sharee has a dedicated fitness account, @shareehoughwerks.

To join Sharee Hough on her vibrant journey, you can follow her on Instagram at @shareehoughselman.

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