Meet Sharon Lyn Chalkin – not your average fashion guru, but the cool mom behind the threads that rock Hollywood. You know her kids – Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein, the stars that shine on the big screen.

But did you know their mother is a style wizard? Sharon doesn’t just design clothes; she creates trends that have everyone buzzing. From runway magic to family bonds, she stitches together a story that’s as fab as the outfits she dreams up.

Get ready to dive into the world of Sharon Lyn Chalkin, where fashion meets family in the coolest stitch of life.

Sharon Lyn Chalkin Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life

Sharon Lyn Chalkin hails from Long Island, New York. Despite being in the limelight as a celebrity mother she is a very private person.

Likewise, as of now details about Sharon’s parents, siblings, and education are not public. She is of Jewish ethnicity.

Furthermore, her exact birthday is unknown, but she’s believed to be in her 60s. Despite her age, Sharon’s appearance defies time, exuding a youthful energy akin to someone in their 40s.

Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Sharon Lyn Chalkin’s love story is like a cool movie script. She’s this amazing mom with three famous kids – Jonah Hill, Beanie Feldstein, and late star Jordan Feldstein. Her husband? Richard Feldstein, a tour accountant for the rock band “Guns N’ Roses.”

Sharon Lyn Chalkin with her husband.
Sharon Lyn Chalkin with her husband. Source: Instagram/@sharonfeldstein

Back in the ’70s, Sharon and Richard met, fell in love, and tied the knot. They’re like a power couple who’ve been together for ages. First, they had Jordan in 1977. He grew up managing Maroon 5 but left the scene in 2013 due to a tough battle with a blood clot.

Tragedy struck the family with the passing of their firstborn, Jordan, in 2013.

Jonah Hill

Their second child, Hill, entered the world on December 20, 1983, and would go on to become a Hollywood sensation.

Starring in blockbuster movies like “Moneyball,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and “Get Him To The Greek,” Hill’s star power illuminated the family’s journey.

Beanie Feldstein

Beanie Feldstein is like the cool actor you’d want as your bestie. Born on June 24, 1993, with the not-so-Hollywood name Elizabeth Greer Feldstein,

Remember “Lady Bird” from 2017? Beanie rocked it as Julie Steffans, the BFF to Lady Bird herself. The movie was a big deal and got loads of praise, especially for Beanie’s acting skills.

Then came “Booksmart” in 2019, where Beanie played Molly Davidson. It’s this hilarious comedy about two super-smart friends having a wild time before graduating high school. Beanie nailed it and showed she’s got serious acting chops.

Her Daughter Beanie Is Now Happily Married

Guess what? Beanie Feldstein, the star of “Lady Bird,” got married to Bonnie-Chance Roberts on May 20, 2023! They first met in 2018 while working on a movie, and after some Skype chats and a London audition, love bloomed.

Their wedding in upstate New York was like a summer camp party, complete with cool napkins and friendship bracelets.

Beanie Feldstein and her wife at the wedding ceremony.
Beanie Feldstein and her wife at the wedding ceremony. Source: Instagram/@beaniefeldstein

Beanie’s pals from “Booksmart” and other famous faces like Ben Platt and Noah Galvin joined the celebration. The couple looked amazing in matching Gucci outfits, and Beanie’s veil was super beautiful.

Their wedding, with a summer camp theme, was the perfect way to celebrate finding each other and deciding to say, “I do.” Cheers to the happy couple!

Career: What Does Sharon Lyn Chalkin Do For a Living?

Sharon Lyn Chalkin, the creative force in the world of fashion, has left her mark on TV and movies. With an eye for style, she played a key role in costume design for various films, including “Heart of the City,” “Chains of Gold” in 1990, and “Dear John” in 1988.

Sharon Lyn Chalkin is a fashion designer and costume stylist.
Sharon Lyn Chalkin is a fashion designer and costume stylist. Source: Instagram/@sharonfeldstein

Her talents even extended to the small screen, where she took on an acting role in the well-rated show “Taxi” in 1996.

But hold on, Sharon is not just a fashionista. She’s a powerhouse of kindness and care. Teaming up with celebrity moms like Alicia Keys’ and Adam Levine’s mothers, she co-founded “Your Mom Cares.”

This organization is on a mission – they want everyone to notice and take care of kids’ mental health. So, whether it’s creating iconic looks or advocating for a cause close to the heart, Sharon Lyn Chalkin is a force to be reckoned with.

What Is Sharon Lyn Chalkin’s Net Worth?

We can’t pinpoint Sharon Lyn Chalkin’s exact net worth. However, her kids, Jonah and Beanie, are soaring high in the money department.

Jonah Hill, the “Moneyball” star, has hit the jackpot with a net worth of $80 million. You’ve seen him in blockbusters like “The Hangover,” “Django Unchained,” “The Lego Movie,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” His Hollywood journey is a serious money-making ride.

Now, onto Beanie, Sharon’s talented daughter. With a net worth of about $3 million, Beanie has made her mark in movies like “Lady Bird” and “Booksmart,” and TV shows including “The Politician” and “Modern Family.” These two are not just making waves in showbiz; they’re riding the money wave like pros!

Social Media Presence

Sharon Lyn Chalkin isn’t just a star in real life; she’s a social media maven too! Catching all the right angles, she fills her Instagram with loads of pictures – not just of herself, but the whole family. If you want a peek into the Chalkin crew’s world, that’s the place to be.

And guess what? About 13.8k people are already on board, soaking in the glam and the everyday moments. Want to join the party? Find her on Instagram as @sharonfeldstein.

But wait, there’s more! She’s not just about pictures; Sharon also drops some thoughts on Twitter. For a slice of her wisdom and maybe a sprinkle of humor, check out her tweets at @SharonFeldstein. Social media life with Sharon? It’s a whole vibe!

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