You know Pat Sajak from the famous “Wheel of Fortune,” but there’s another story hiding behind the scenes—that of Sherrill Sajak.

While everyone talks about her ex-husband’s TV success, Sherrill’s life after their time together remains a mystery. Sure, she was once married to a celebrity, but what’s her story beyond that? This article peeks behind the curtain to discover the real Sherrill Sajak.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, let’s explore the life of a woman whose story often gets overshadowed by the spinning wheel’s excitement.

Who Is Pat Sajak’s Ex-Wife? Her Age, Bio, Wiki, Early Life

Sherrill Sajak was born in 1945 during World War II. Likewise, as of 2024, she might be 79 years old. She has a middle name, James, and she met Pat Sajak in Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s a good bet that Sherrill was born there too. Back then, Pat wasn’t the famous TV host we know today; he was just a regular guy next door. They probably didn’t need to travel much for work or lifestyle reasons, so they were likely both from Tennessee.

Their connection might have started because they were neighbors or lived in the same area before Pat became a big name on TV.

Married Life & Children of Sherrill Sajak and Pat Sajak

Sherrill Sajak and Pat Sajak, the famous game show host, were together for seven years. Sherrill, a lovely lady, is mainly known as Pat Sajak’s ex-wife. They started going out in 1978 and were super serious about each other, like taking their relationship to the next level seriously.

A year later, in 1979, they got hitched! It was a big day with their family and close friends there to celebrate. But, sadly, things didn’t stay smooth for too long. Personal stuff got in the way, and in 1986, they decided to split up after being married for almost eight years.

How many children did Pat Sajak have with his first wife? No kids came from their time together. Likewise, it is still a secret why the duo got divorced.

Since then, Sherrill’s kept things pretty private. Even though she was married to someone famous, she hasn’t been in the spotlight much. That’s the deal with Sherrill Sajak and her time with Pat!

Where Is She Now? Did She Remarry? Kids and Partner

After her divorce from Pat Sajak in 1986, Sherrill quietly stepped away from the spotlight, showing no interest in fame or attention. Her life post-divorce became a mystery, known only to her closest family and friends.

While her ex-husband, Pat, moved on to marry Lesly Brown Sajak in 1989, their marriage has lasted over 30 years.

Pat Sajak and his wife Lesly Brown with their son and daughter.
Pat Sajak and his wife Lesly Brown with their son and daughter. Source: Pinterest

Despite their years together, Sherrill and Pat didn’t have any children, which some say might have made their divorce less complicated. While Sherrill’s life after the divorce remains unknown, Pat’s life took a different turn.

Pat and Lesly share a beautiful family, with two kids from their marriage: Patrick Michael James Sajak, born in 1990, and a daughter named Maggie Marie Sajak, born in 1995.

Maggie has ventured into country music and is making a name for herself as an American country music singer. While Pat’s life flourished with his new family, Sherrill chose to keep her post-divorce life private, away from public eyes.

Short Info On Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, began his career journey serving in the US Army during the Vietnam War. His early days saw him spinning records as a disc jockey and hosting the Dawn Buster show. Transitioning to television, he found success as a weatherman at KNBC-TV, a stepping stone that led to a significant opportunity.

Pat Sajak and his wife Lesly Brown.
Pat Sajak and his wife Lesly Brown. Source: Pinterest

In 1981, Merv Griffin recognized his talent and invited him to host the iconic game show, Wheel of Fortune, setting the stage for Sajak’s enduring fame. While also making appearances in TV shows like NBC’s Days of Our Lives in 1983 and crafting puzzle games, it was Wheel of Fortune that cemented his status as a household name.

More Into Him

By May 8, 2019, Pat achieved a remarkable milestone, securing the record for the longest career on a game show. His commitment to Wheel of Fortune continued, with a contract extending until 2022.

However, health challenges interrupted his journey. In November 2019, severe stomach pain led to surgery for an intestinal blockage, temporarily sidelining him from the show. During his absence, Vanna White stepped in as the host.

Outside the limelight, Pat resides in Severna Park, Maryland, with his wife, Lesly Brown. Following his recovery, he resumed his hosting duties on Wheel of Fortune, showcasing resilience and dedication to his craft.

What Is Her Net Worth and Salary?

Sherrill Sajak’s personal details, including her net worth and divorce settlement, remain undisclosed and off the public record. However, her ex-husband, known as one of the wealthiest game show hosts, boasts a substantial fortune at $75 million.

Pat’s annual earnings from his work on “Wheel of Fortune” amount to an impressive $15 million. Unfortunately, specific financial details of Sherrill’s situation post-divorce or her own financial status remain private.

Social Media Presence

Sherrill Sajak’s absence from social media platforms just like Rachel Glandorf McCoy is a distinct characteristic, particularly in an age where many, regardless of age, embrace the benefits of online connectivity.

Unfortunately, the available information about Sherrill Sajak is limited, and details about her life beyond what has been shared remain undisclosed. Her decision to stay away from the internet further adds to the mystery surrounding her, leaving much of her current life hidden from public view.

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