Song Seon-mi is a famous South Korean Actress and a model.

She rose to prominence after playing her debut dual role as an art gallery employee and a soldier’s ex-girlfriend in Lee Jeong-Hyang’s romantic comedy Art Museum by the Zoo movie.

Song Seon-Mi’s Marital Relationship To Go Woo Seok

Seon-mi is private regarding her personal life. Moreover, she tied the knot to Go Woo-Seok. This duo liked to keep things low-key, so there is not much information about when and where they met each other.

Seon-mi with her daughter
Seon-mi with her daughter Image: Instagram

The couple was living happily together. She met her husband through mutual acquaintances, dated for a year, and married on June 29, 2006. Nevertheless, we are keeping tabs and will update you once this information is available.

Song Seon-Mi and Go Woo-Seok were happy together. She had done an excellent job of balancing her personal and professional lives.

Sadly, Woo-Seok was killed. But before she lost her husband to murder, there were no reports about their divorce.

Song Seon-Mi’s Husband’s Murder

Song Seon Mi, a famous South Korean actress, had her world turned upside down in 2017 when her husband was murdered. Her spouse, Go Woo-Seok, was found dead in August 2017 at the workplace of a legal business in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

According to reports, Sion Mi’s husband was involved in an inheritance dispute with his cousin, who hired a hitman for KRW 1.67 million to murder him.

However, her management company, Jr Entertainment, later explained that he was assisting his grandpa in filing a civil and criminal complaint related to the unlawful transfer of his assets.

Seon-mi Image: Instagram

According to Hollywood mask, both the initiator and the hitman were eventually apprehended and condemned to jail.

Seon Mi also won her lawsuit against the relative and obtained a sizable settlement. Seon Mi raised the couple’s kid alone after her loss, and she recently opened up about her struggles as a single mother.

Life After Death Of Song Seon Mi’s Husband

The actress was featured at Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic on October 8. She revealed that her 7-year-old daughter was ready to start primary school during the event.

She was scared that she might find out about her father’s death or read about it on the internet. Also, know about Jo Yoo-Jung.

Seon -Mi's daughter and pet
Seon -Mi’s daughter and pet Image: Instagram

Because her daughter was too young to comprehend the notion of death, the actress revealed that she initially informed her daughter that her father had gone on a space expedition.

But as she grew older, she became more intrigued and began to raise questions regarding her late husband’s return.

Net Worth Of Song Seon-mi

Song is private when it comes to her personal life. However, her net worth is about $2 million. This beautiful model earns the most of her money from her successful job as an actor and model.

According to Korean Times, top actresses in Korean dramas earn more than 200 million won, i.e., $170,000 every episode.

Seon -Mi
Seon -Mi Image: Instagram

Not to add, she gets a lot of money from numerous brand partnerships and sponsorships.

The typical pay range for an Actress varies substantially by as much as $119,500, implying that there may be several prospects for promotion and higher income dependent on talent level, location, and years of experience.

Early Life Of Actress Song Seon-mi

Song Seon-mi finished second in the Super Elite Model Contest in 1996, then moved on to acting in the television drama Model 1997 a year later.

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The secret lovers actress Song Seon-mi
The secret lover’s actress Song Seon-mi
Image: Instagram

Seon Mi played dual parts as an art gallery clerk and a soldier’s ex-girlfriend. The mobster comedy My Boss, My Hero 2001 followed.

Although Song is more active in television, two arthouse films by auteur Hong Sang-soo stand out in her oeuvre.

She and her co-stars decided to appear in Woman on the Beach 2006 despite not seeing Hong’s screenplay. Song portrayed a cinema studies professor who frequents a Bukchon bar in The Day He Arrives (2011).

Movie Appearance Of Song Seon Mi

Her fame came back to the acting after starring as a young housewife in Precious Family 2004, penned by Kim Soo-Hyun.

Leading parts followed in The Secret Lovers in 2005, One Day Suddenly in 2006, Green Coach. And also, Mrs. Town in 2009, and Dandelion Family in 2010, as well as a supporting role in the medical drama Behind the White Tower in 2007.

Golden Time actress
Golden Time actress Image: Instagram

Furthermore, Song was cast in Golden Time in 2012 as a qualified trauma nurse. She later rejoined with its director, Kwon Seok-Jang, in Miss Korea 2013, in 1997 amid the IMF crisis.

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