Speck Mellencamp was born John J Mellencamp, is an American celebrity son born in 1995 in the United States of America. He is a new Executive Director of the Southern Indiana Center Seymour for the Arts who came into the spotlight because of his father.

Mellencamp has graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Arts in oil painting in 2019. His mother inspired him to paint, and he used to pause painted as his mother at her easel.

He was the only one of her five kids who looked about her.

Musician’s Younger Son Family

Speck is the son of a famous American Musician who is also a singer-songwriter, painter, actor, and film director, John Mellencamp.

Furthermore, his mother is an American model who has been on the covers of Almay Cosmetics and Ralph Lauren, Elaine Irwin. His parents were both well-known people.

Elaine Irwin has two sons, Speck Mellencamp and his bother Hud Mellencamp, an American boxer. Speck’s parents’ other marriages have five step-siblings, including Hud Mellencamp.

His father has also collaborated with Speck in some of his paintings.

Hud’s Brother Relationships

Mellencamp has just completed his bachelor’s in 2019 and started teaching. He has been focusing on his career for a better future and the future generation.

And Hud’s brother currently doesn’t have any relationship status. He has just made a track for his career and has been walking, not focusing on relationships.

Elaine’s Husband Relationship History

Speck’s father is an American celebrity who is now the father of 5 children. He has dated some great people, but he once said one of his most memorable romances is with legendary actress Meg Ryan.

Until 2019, the two ex-lovers dated on and off for about a decade. Meg and John interlaced their children during their time together, resulting in one of the cutest blended families in Hollywood.

After ending the relationship with Meg, He moved on and fell in love with Nurse Jamie Sherrill, a beauty specialist. Even though their relationship appeared serious, they split up less than a year later, in January 2021.

Natasha Barrett, a real estate agent, was romantically associated with John. The musician and the blonde beauty became a couple, but the news of their broke up came in several months.

Priscilla Esterline is the first wife of John Mellencamp. From 1970 to 1981 and had a daughter together, Michelle.

In the same year that John divorced his first wife, he married Victoria Granucci, his second wife. Teddi and Justice, the rocker’s two lovely kids, were born during the couple’s eight-year marriage.

Elaine Irwin is the last wife of John. The couple had two boys, Speck and Hud, who married from 1992 to 2011.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley and John were dated each other in 2016. Christie is just a bundle of positive energy, which rubs off on John.

John’s Son Jail-Break

Speck and his brother, Hud, thought a 19-year-old guy had hit him and subsequently pled guilty to a misdemeanor violence charge arising from a July 2013 encounter in April.

They reportedly assaulted and kicked him in Bloomington. They were sentenced to a four-day term in the Monroe County Jail in 2015.

Speck Net Worth

The famous rocker John Mellencamp’s son keeps his family’s creative tradition alive. He is well known as the new executive director of the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts and been teaching art.

Even in the corona pandemic, he starts a Social Distance Painting Club. As of 2022, the starlet has made a net worth of $600k.

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John Mellencamp Father
Elaine Irwin Mother
Hud Mellencamp Son
Justice Mellencamp Daughter
Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Sister
Michelle Mellencamp Sister