Tamra Cantore is a super cool reporter at the ‘TWC’ channel, and everyone knows her from the regular evening news. But guess what? She’s not just about reporting; she’s also the founder of Team Cantore.

Tamra got hit with some tough news when she found out she had Parkinson’s Disease at just forty years old. That’s a big deal! But you know what’s even more impressive? Despite all the ups and downs in her marriage, Tamra is living her best life right now.

Let’s dig into Tamra’s life and find out what makes her so awesome!

How Old Is Tamra Cantore Today? Age, Wiki, Early Life, and Background

Born on July 4, 1965, in sunny California, Tamra had a middle-class upbringing. We don’t know much about her parent and siblings. However, that doesn’t stop her from being a rockstar in the world of journalism.

In the face of tough times, Tamra Cantore is not just a reporter; she’s a superhero. Her story teaches us that even when life throws some serious curveballs, you can still knock it out of the park with style and grace. Keep shining, Tamra!

Education Details

Tamra is not just good at telling the news – she’s got a cool education story too! Tamra studied Broadcast Journalism for four years at the University of California and graduated in 1989.

That’s pretty impressive, right?

Tamra and Jim Cantore’s Marriage and Divorce

Hold onto your hats because Tamra’s love story is a rollercoaster. She was married to this weather dude, Jim Cantore. They said their “I do’s” on October 6, 1990. However, it was a super private ceremony with just close family and friends.

Tamra Cantore with her ex-husband and his new wife and their children.
Tamra Cantore with her ex-husband and his new wife and their children. Source: Instagram/@jimcantore

Tamra and Jim’s story started when they worked together. She was part of a management firm that was all about making Jim famous.

They were like a power couple, supporting each other through thick and thin. Life was all rainbows and sunshine until 2009 when Tamra got hit with Parkinson’s Disease.

The lovebirds decided to call it quits that same year and the reason? Well, that’s a mystery we don’t have the answer to.

Who is Jim Cantara, Tamra’s Ex-Husband?

Jim Cantara is the weather guy you’ve probably seen on The Weather Channel. He’s been doing this gig since way back in 1986 and is still going strong.

Jim Cantore works at The Weather Channel.
Jim Cantore works at The Weather Channel. Source: Instagram/@jimcantore

Moreover, during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, he worked as the weather forecaster on NBC. Talk about a cool job, right?

Jim’s like the go-to weather expert, making sure you know if you need an umbrella or sunglasses. From his early days to now, he’s the guy you can count on for the 411 on the weather.

Is She Married? Who Is Her Current Partner?

Tamra isn’t all over social media like some other famous people. She keeps things on the down-low and lives life her way. She’s had her fair share of ups and downs, but in 2024, she’s riding the single life wave.

Who knows, though? Maybe she’s got some secret romance going on, and we’re all just waiting for the big reveal! She is also not active on any social media like Jelani Asar Snipes and Olivia Namath.

Tamra spends most of her time juggling between her organization and her home. As of 2024, she’s flying solo, but who can say what the future holds? Maybe there’s a surprise waiting for us!

Do Tamra and Jim Have any Kids Together?

Enter the Cantore family drama! Jim and Tamra, the dynamic duo, tied the knot in 1990. Cue the wedding bells! Right after that, they were over the moon to welcome their first kiddo, a daughter named Christine Cantore.

Tamra and Jim Cantore with their son and his current wife.
Tamra and Jim Cantore with their son and his current wife. Source: Instagram/@jimcantore

But here’s the twist – they’re like pros at keeping their family away from the paparazzi. Privacy, please!

And just when you thought the Cantores couldn’t get any cooler, they added a new player to the squad. Yep, a baby boy named Ben Cantore joined the crew.

The Cantore family went from a trio to a fab foursome, and you bet they’re rocking the family game while dodging those flashy camera bulbs.

Tamra Cantore’s Professional Career

Tamra Cantore kicked off her professional journey as an on-air personality on a weather channel, making her mark as she interned at several TV channels. However, it wasn’t just about reading the weather forecast; Tamra worked into serious news coverage, notably reporting on the conflict between Jordan and Palestine.

Her dedication and skills didn’t go unnoticed. Tamra climbed the career ladder, landing a spot as a reporter for ‘WTC.’ Soon after, she transitioned to become a regular face on the channel’s news broadcast, bringing the latest updates to viewers.

She Is a Founder of “Team Cantore” for Parkinson Disease’s Awareness

In 2000, Tamra Cantore went beyond the newsroom, establishing ‘Team Cantore.’ This organization had a mission close to her heart – raising awareness about Parkinson’s disease. Tamra’s journey, including her battle with Parkinson’s, fueled the organization’s purpose.

Team Cantore’s impact didn’t go unnoticed. Garnering support from various organizations like Parkinson’s Unity Walk and the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Tamra’s initiative proved successful in its mission.

What Is Her Net Worth and Salary?

Money talks, right? Tamra’s got a net worth of more than $500,000, all from her reporting gig. Not too shabby, huh?

But hold on to your umbrellas, because Jim Cantore is sitting on a meteorological fortune with a net worth of over $4.5 million! Similarly, his annual salary at the Weather Channel is $1.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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