Tasia Zalar is an actress and musician from the Philippines. The academy nominated her for a Logie Award for her portrayal of Shevorne Shields in the ABC series Mystery Road. The feature helps her to receive a nomination for Most Popular New Talent.

Elle Australia’s 2019 List featured her. She is an up-and-coming actress from Australia. The Valley Night, The Mysterious Road, and The Canal are some of her most well-known flicks.

Zalar Early Life

Zalar was in 1992 in Cairns in Far Nothern Queensland, Australia. Gunggandji, Kaurareg, Gugu Thaypan, Mualgal, Gumulgal, and Wuthathi are among her ancestors. She went to Trinity Bay State High School.

The actress from Mystery Road grew up playing football for the North Cairns Tigers. She relocated to Melbourne at 19 and now lives in Melbourne and Townsville.

Relationship of The Actress, Tasia Zalar

Talking about Tasia’s relationship status, she focuses on her career more than on searching boyfriend. She is new to the movie industry, so she is trying to make her name remembered. But in the movie, Streamline, Tasia plays the main character’s girlfriend role.

Levi Miller and Tasia Zalar, in the mid of break time from shooting
Levi Miller and Tasia Zalar, in the mid of break time from shooting
Photo Source: Instagram @tasiazalar

Levi Miller, who plays Benjamin Lane in the film Streamline, is the primary character. Moreover, Tasia Zalar, the daughter of the guidance counselor, was his lover. Streamline is a sleek and startling Australian coming-of-age tale set against a competitive swimming scene.

Levi Miller’s Movie’s Girlfriend Career And Net Worth

Zalar debuted in the short film Nia’s Melancholy. The movie premiered at the 2009 Message Sticks Festival when she was 15.

The actress then made her feature film debut in Uninhabited as Coral. Moreover, she made a television debut in the ABC1 drama The Straits as Bridget Titui.

Poster of Tasia Zalar modelling
Poster of Tasia Zalar modelling
Photo Source: Instagram @tasiazalar

The Canals’ actress debuted as Shevorne Shields in the neo-Western series Mystery Road in 2018. She was nominated for a Logie Award and won two Equity Ensemble Awards alongside her co-stars.

Tasia made film appearances in the 2019 horror anthology Dark Place’s Vale Light episode, the 2021 sports drama Streamline, and the sequel to the zombie apocalypse thriller Wyrmwood.

The actress is a hard-working person and has a dedication to her career. Therefore, she has made a net worth of $4 million in 2022.

Review of Zalar’s Movie, Uninhabited

Uninhabited is an Australian horror film directed by Bill Bennett and released in 2010. The film follows a young couple on vacation on a deserted island who later discovers the island has a dark history.

Beth and Harry are the main characters of a young couple looking for a unique vacation. Then, they spend ten days on a lonely, picturesque coral island off the coast of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Also read: Bronwyn Vance

Beth comes across an old journal in a shack and decides to read it. Then they discovered that a ghost haunted the island. Coral was the ghost’s name, and Tasia Zalar was the actress who played her.

On the tenth day, Beth enters the hut and discovers the journal on a chair. He confronts him and, presumably, kills him. In one of the closing moments, his grave is shown close to Coral’s, as if they have joined forces.

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