Who Is Elliot Kingsley? Who Is His Mother?

Stepson of British Musician Ozzy Osbourne, Elliot Kingsley, is an English theatre artist and Everyman Company’s member. Furthermore, he has portrayed major plays like Fiddler on the Roof as Mendel, Liam in the Story Giant, and the classic Romeo and Juliet. Born in 1966, his mother, Thelma Riley, used to work as an English teacher. However, the identification of his biological father is unknown.

Elliot Kingsley's family
Elliot Kingsley’s family.
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He grew up with two half-siblings, Jessica Starshine Osbourne and Louis Osbourne. Currently, the children of the Black sabbath vocalist share a healthy bond and enjoying a positive life. However, Ozzy and Thelma separated in 1982. Furthermore, their relation was called a terrible mistake. Later on, Ozzy blamed drug additions and musical tours as the reason for their divorce.

How Much Is Elliot Kingsley’s Net Worth In 2021?

Living a low-key life and pursuing a sucessful career, Elliot enjoys a wealthy life. However, he is an heir of a massive 220 Million USD. His father is a legendary musician who has sold over albums and songs worth over 100 Million USD. Furthermore, the Kingsley and Osbourne households own lavish locations in multiple locations like Los Angeles and Hancock Park.

Elliot Kingsley in theatre
Elliot Kingsley in theatre.
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Recently, Ozzy purchased a villa in England and a house in Beverly Hills worth a whopping 6.3 Million USD. Talking about his revenue, he has amassed over 600,000 USD for his theater entertainment. Furthermore, he owns Elliot Kingsley Limited, located in Hazlemere, High Wycombe, England. The business established in 2021 is a property management company.

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Adding to his revenue, his mother Thelma receives divorce settlement checks from his famous father. Kingsley is currently living a positive life and wants to come out of his father’s shadow as he seeks to make a name for himself.

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