Todd William Harris is the husband of Rosa Blasi, an American actress. He has studied a BA in philosophy from Boston College. Furthermore, he completed a master’s of science at the University of Miami in 1997.

Todd William Harris Married Rosa Blasi

So, who is Rosa Blasi? When did they tie the knot? Blasi is an American actress famous in the medical drama series Strong Medicine as Luisa Delgado. Likewise, on the Nickelodeon series The Thundermans as Barb Thunderman.

Todd with his wife, Rosa Blasi
Todd with his wife, Rosa Blasi.
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According to various sources, Todd and Rosa tied the knot on 3rd May 2014. They have a very quiet wedding ceremony with limited guests. The wedding took place in a restaurant named Malibu, located in California. It is said that they met on a dating site called The pair dated for about 16 months before their marriage.

Also, it was the second marriage of both banker and the actress. The strong medicine actress married James Finn Jr., a football player.

Do They Have Children?

Yes, the couple has two very lovely daughters. But, the actress has only one biological daughter from Harris. The other one is from Todd’s ex-wife.

Todd with his family
Todd with his family.
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Both the daughters share the same age, Kaia and Ryan. Ryan is the stepdaughter of the actress, whereas Kaia is her child. However, they live a happy family life with care and affection for one another.

What Is Todd William Harris’s Net Worth?

I am assuming that the average income of a mortgage banker is $64,138 annually. On the other hand, the banker also receives a $35,000 per year commission.

Todd and Rosa.
Todd and Rosa.
Source Instagram

Having a successful career as a mortgage banker for a decade and still going on very well, we can say he is worth a million dollars. Although, there is no information regarding his net worth.

Regarding actress Rosa’s net worth, she has a net worth of $1.5 million. With numerous soap operas and guest appearances, the actress has earned herself a wealthy sum. Beyond that, she is also the author of Jock Itch and a licensed therapist.

Know More About Todd William Harris

Moreover, he is the CSO of Loanbase Technologies Inc., Los Angeles. He joined the company in September 2021. Apart from that, I will be the co-founder of DeployX, a Chennai-based software company, from July 2021. Read more about other celebrity husbands @eric-mumford.

Harris seems to be a successful guy who worked for multiple mortgage and lending companies for more than ten years. He has served in top-level positions in those companies, such as in November 2001; he was the CEO of Harris funding corporation. Todd worked there for about seven years.

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